What you'll see in a summer heatwave.

Summer Heatwave
You know when you want to sit and write a million blog posts at once? I have pretty much word vomit (points to anyone who gets the Mean Girls ref, obvs) going on in my head right now.

As you can probably tell, this is going to be one of those more rambling posts so I’ll leave the ideas I have that need more direction to one side for now as I don’t want them to be rubbish. And I just had to write them down on one of those virtual sticky notes to make sure I didn’t forget them.


Actual blog post time.

So, it’s July, not entirely sure where the last half a year has gone as I’m pretty sure I was snoozing my way into 2015 this time last week. I thought I’d do something a bit summer related as let’s face it, it’s all that’s going on right now.

Things you’ll see during the heatwave.

1. People (un)dressed inappropriately. 
Guaranteed if you head into a public space this weekend, you will see men with their tops off. Also guaranteed, they won’t be men who look like Chris Pratt. Soz.

2. Public sunbathing. 
As most of the young and desperate to be tanned population seems to live in flats, it’s pretty common to see people stripping off on the communal grass or in the local park. Needless to say, seeing a guy in fluoro short shorts wasn’t what I was expecting as I walked home from work the other day. (And he looked a bit more like Chris Pratt than your average topless wanderer too). However, catching some vitamin D whilst on your lunch hour is perfectly acceptable (assuming you don’t strip off in front of your colleagues).

3. Immaculately made up girls. 
No, I don’t know how they do it either. I don’t know how their eyeliner is in a perfect catflick when I have foundation sliding off my face and if anyone knows the big secret to looking glamorous whilst the rest of us are just a bit sweaty, feel free to let us in on it.

4. Over flowing beer gardens. 
There’s something about sunshine that makes Brits pretty much want to absorb fruit cider via a drip, but there’s just something so perfect about being able to sip a pint of something delicious outdoors. FYI if you haven’t tried the Koppaberg slushy ciders, you need to, they are uh-mazing.

5. Perfectly manicured toes. 
Much like how the gym bunnies spent all of December saying that summer bodies are made in winter, apparently summer feet are too. All it takes is the first surprise heatwave of the year to remind you that you last painted your toenails over a month ago.

6. The social media weather obsession. 
We're all over the exact number of degrees it is, the exact time that thunder and lightning will hit and the exact amount of sleep we didn’t get because we were too hot. Standard.

7. Bad sunburn. 
It still makes me cringe every time I see it as I know how painful it is. I make a conscious effort to not let my skin burn as y’know, in the long term it increases the risk of skin cancer and in the short term it makes you look like a twat. Some people are even using the heatwave to burn things onto their skin, because everyone wants a superman logo shaped patch of sunburn on their chest. Oh no wait, no, everyone else isn’t stupid.

8. Perfect summer outfits. 
These are mainly on Instagram, but I love nothing more that stalking other people’s summer wardrobes as it’s all oh so floral and tropical and fabulous.

9. People who exercise. 
They still go running or to the gym, despite the heatwave. The gym bunnies weren’t lying when they said summer bodies were made in winter – I went to the gym tonight and nearly passed out.

10. Barbeques. 
Possibly the best bit of summer as it involves sunshine, alcohol, food and in the case of the one I went to last weekend, pirate fancy dress. In fact, that was the best barbeque I’ve ever been to, my friend’s housemate made homemade bread rolls and burgers and everything. 

So that’s my round up of Summer. Apologies for the rambling, I promise my planned posts will be a bit more structured!

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