The University Friends List

University Friends List
I thought I’d put this together as all the graduation photos on Facebook are getting me a bit nostalgic. I left university two years ago yet it still seems like it was last week, so I’ve put together a list of 10 types of people you’ll meet at university.

You meet some amazing people at university and often you’ll meet people who will be friends for life. For me, these are the people that two years out of university I still see, speak to and make an effort for as we didn’t just have ‘being at university’ in common. I’m very lucky that I have a fair few close friends out of university that I wouldn’t change for the world! (All together now, AWWWW).

The Crazy Housemate
Everyone has a crazy housemate story. Mine was back in first year when I lived with a girl who (true story), cut up photos of the guys who lived upstairs from us, put the pieces in an envelope and posted them through their door at 1am. Yep, we all have a crazy one.

The one who thinks their degree is the hardest
Usually someone on a highly academic degree, who thinks nothing could possibly be harder than what they’re doing. And you will hear all about it. They will always have the most exams, the most coursework, will spend the most time in university at lectures and it’s just way harder, OK?!

The one who never seems to actually do any work
There’s always one. They skip lectures, never seem to do any revision and yet third year rolls around and by some miracle, they’re still there.

The stress-head
We all know one, someone who gets eternally stressed about their degree. Usually this is about unnecessary panics about the internet failing forever and them not being able to submit their coursework. But when the work is done, everything is right with the world.

The one who can’t handle their drink
I’ll admit it, until about mid-way through second year this was me. But there’s always one who peaks too soon and has to go home at 11pm because they got the hiccups and it was just too much (true story, thankfully not about me).

The one who is the worst with money
What happens when you give and 18 year old a massive chunk of money and a £2000 overdraft? In some cases, carnage. I remember meeting someone who’d spent their entire loan and maxed their overdraft before the end of freshers week. Other times, you’ll meet people who choose alcohol over food or people who have a Topshop store card – neither tend to end well financially, but these people look the best on nights out.

The one who went on a gap year  
If someone went on a gap year, God knows you will hear about it. Even if they only went away for 6 weeks in the summer holidays, they’ll still have experienced so much culture, truly found themselves and will have done it all on less money then every other traveller. Guaranteed.

The one who got into a relationship and you never saw again
For a few months they’ll be on every night out and then you’ll just wonder where they went.

So that’s my rundown of the people you meet at university, what do you think? Can you relate?

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  1. This is a fantastic post! I left university in June and can already tell the ones I will be friends with. There was most definitely one who was rubbish with money, one with the hardest degree and one who managed to do absolutely nothing but still end up with a really good grade - SO frustrating for those us who didn't...Great post!!!

    Suitcase and Sandals Blog XX