The Superfood Hype

Superfood Hype
I’ll admit, I’m a little late to this bandwagon. But now, I’m now well and truly on the whole superfood thing. I wrote recently about faddy diets and how they’re obvs a bit shit and thankfully this doesn’t quite fall into that category.

Introducing a healthier lifestyle is something that I’ve worked towards for over year now and dipping in and out of Slimming World has left me in some pretty good habits. I’ll throw it out there now that I officially stopped doing Slimming World back in September 2014 and 10 months on, I still haven’t gained any weight back. Just y’know, in case people think it’s a fad diet. But I digress. Habits like choosing salad over sandwiches, having a third of every meal as fruit and vegetables and making generally good choices have all stuck with me.

Once I realised that adding vegetables to meals not only bulks them out but requires zero effort (yes, it’s taken me to the age of 23 to realise this!), suddenly everything got a whole lot healthier. What a revelation, who would have thought it?! 

I came to realise (again, finally) that going to the gym is pretty pointless if you're going to eat shit so over the last month or so, I've made a conscious effort to not only train harder but eat better. But with regards to superfoods, I thought I’d put together a (very little) list of my top three and how I eat them.


This is a new one for me, and I’d heard it was revolting. In actual fact, it tastes pretty much how you’d imagine it to – green. Yep, it tastes like a colour. But it’s seriously good for you! I chuck a handful of it in with my scrambled eggs on a morning as an easy way to make breakfast really filling and pretty damn nutritious. It’s super-rich in Vitamins A and C (a 67g serving alone provides over 100% of your daily recommended intake for each) and it’s low calorie. Winner.

Sweet Potato

This works as a snazzy alternative to the regular potato though it’s almost on a par in terms of calorie content, it has a shitload of Vitamin A in it and counts towards your 5 a day (unlike a regular potato). I made sweet potato wedges last night that were bloody fabulous. All I did was chop them, spritz them with some Frylight (another Slimming World fave right there) and stick them in the oven for 40mins.


It isn’t your average superfood as it’s not that over-hyped but I thought I’d include it as I’ve only just started eating it. Not only does it make your plate look super fancy at dinner time but it’s really high in iron so it’s great for vegetarians (and everyone else, of course). I tend to chuck 5 spears of it into boiling water for just a minute before the rest of my tea is cooked as it adds another of your 5 a day and it tastes delicious.

So, what do you think of my post on superfoods? Let me know if you want to see more food-y posts or if you think they’re just a bit dull. But be prepared, I ordered a spiralizer today so as of next week there will be courgetti all over my Instagram!

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