The Reality of Graduating from University

Graduating from university

When you imagine graduating from university, you visualise you and your course friends swanning around university pretending that you’re at Hogwarts. Which it pretty close to reality if I’m honest. As it’s now nearly two years since I left university, I thought I’d put a list of all of the realities of your graduation day.

1. You’ve never seen you and your course friends looking quite so good all at the same time. Though there were some eternally well-dressed people doing my degree, the entire course haven’t all but that much thought into their outfit at the same time since freshers’ week.

2. Graduation caps are a nightmare. I ordered mine three sizes too small (apparently measuring your own head is tricky), and despite my giant hat for my giant head, hat hair is a big reality. Accepting that it’s happening to everyone is the only way forward.

3. Safety pins are a saviour. If you don’t have a conveniently placed button on your dress (which let’s face it, nobody does), having your mum pin your gown and ribbon to your shoulders so they stay in place is the best idea.

4. You can tell who hasn’t had an older sibling graduate as they’re the people who don’t know the necessity of safety pins and spend the day with lop-sided ribbons.

5. The cost of graduation is something you’ll resent at the time of paying for it (and by that I mean getting your parents to pay for it) but you’ll have forgotten all about it by the time the day comes around.

6. It’s a bit like your birthday as you tend to get a few cards, a bottle of prosecco and you get taken out for tea. Absolute winner.

7. It’s also a bit like being a celeb as all everyone wants to do all day is take your photo.

8. Queuing up to walk across the stage is the most nervous feeling in the world yet the moment your name is called, it becomes a total blur and you’ll only know it definitely happened because your watching family will have a photo up on social media before you’ve even left the ceremony.

9. Someone will try and do something cool as cross the stage, whether it’s a high five or a selfie.

10.Graduating is the most fun ever. It really is. You get to dress up, have all eyes on you and then you get food.

What do you think about graduation? Have you done it already or are you waiting for your big day? Let me know in the comments!

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(Please note to any SEOs having a nose around my page that neither of the posts are sponsored and no pennies exchanged hands but of course I'd link one to the other!)


  1. Ahh loved this! It's so true - especially about the cost of graduation! I remember feeling morally affronted that I had to pay so much for the RENTAL of a cap and gown. Fast forward three years and I don't even remember how much it cost! Roll on November for my seester's graduation, I can't wait to take LOADS of photos of her!! xx

    1. I pretty much felt that I should get to keep the gown after paying so much! You're going to steal your sister's gown and pretend you're off to Hogwarts aren't you? xx