The Birra Moretti Gran Tour is coming to Leeds

Birra Moretti Gran Tour Leeds
I love Italian food. And by that I mean actual Italian food not Dominos pizza (I mean, I like Dominos but it’s not quite the same is it?). And as I’ve been invited to the Birra Moretti Gran Tour, Authentic Italian Food Festival, I thought I’d do a little warm-up post.

*Sneaky disclaimer here that though I have been invited to attend, nobody has asked me, bribed me or coerced me into writing about the event, I just figured, sharing is caring*

This is the first time this festival has come to Leeds which is pretty exciting and it’s taking place at Leeds Town Hall from 30th July – 2nd August. 

For a tenner, you’ll get two Birra Morettis, two dishes from the vendors and a gelato – so that’s pretty good value! Especially when you throw in some live music and masterclasses so that you can learn how to make amazing food too.

I’m really looking forward to going to the Birra Moretti Gran Tour on Thursday (and as you can imagine I’ll be Instagramming everything in sight) and if you’re a fan of Italian, this could be right up your street. You can enjoy pizza from Naples, lamb from Abruzzo, gnocchi from Pasta E Basta, plus other yummy goodness and what better way is there to spend an evening? 

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