#DontJudgeChallenge? I’m judging you.

I appreciate I'm a bit late to the party with this one but hey, it pisses me off.

If you haven’t seen the #DontJudgeChallenge hashtag floating about, please count yourself lucky as yet another challenge has gone viral which to be quite honest is a fucking joke.

The premise of the hashtag is to make yourself look as ‘gross’ as possible with makeup or whatever then post an after shot of you looking your beautiful self as nobody should judge you on your appearance.

Just me that sees the fatal flaw in this? You’re drawing on spots. A mono brow. Adding glasses. You’re making yourself look worse by adding things that people who genuinely have them can’t change. Spots and bushy eyebrows don’t disappear with a makeup wipe. Eyesight doesn’t correct itself if you cleanse your face.

And you’re saying don’t judge. By adding these things saying that they make you look ‘worse’, means you’re judging every single person with acne, with thick eye brows, with poor eyesight. You’re saying you’re more attractive than them. Who’s judging now?

You know who is judging? I am. I judge every single person who took part in this shaming challenge for being a fucking idiot.

Anyone who thinks it’s fun to mock the things that make others feel self-conscious by adding them, wiping them away and posting a snap that screams ‘look how hot I am with my clear skin, groomed brows and 20x20 vision’ needs to take a long hard look in the mirror. And then perhaps think before they post in the future. Just because something is a hashtag doesn’t mean it’s a good idea (neknominate being a fantastic idea of people acting like twats because social media told them to) and these things have consequences. Think it through. Think about how you might make someone else feel. Look into things. Make an educated choice.

Nobody should be judged on their appearance. Nobody should be made to feel inferior, and especially not made to feel lesser of a person because some idiots on Instagram are making fun of the things that dent their confidence.

I’ll leave you with this video by Em from My Pale Face. It went viral for all the right reasons as it’s all about the comments she receives as a beauty blogger who suffers from acne. If anyone combats how people shouldn’t judge, it’s her and she does it in a dignified, brave and inspirational way.


  1. I can't believe people think this actually helps! My god as if drawing crap on your face as anywhere close to having to suffer conditions like acne. It's times like this I'm glad that my illness is "invisible" because this is a joke!

    Amanda | www.gobookyourself.info

    1. It's crazy isn't it? I can't believe people have just followed the hype and it's gotten this big before people realised they're upsetting people and being really judgmental!

  2. Love this post, everything is so true! x