A night with Paul Mitchell and New CID Cosmetics

Paul Mitchell and New CID Cosmetics
I was very lucky to be invited to spend an evening with Paul Mitchell in Leeds recently and you know what? It was a fantastic night!

I turned up to the Quebecs Hotel ready for a night of beauty talk and I really wasn’t disappointed. We were greeted by the lovely Sarah from Paul Mitchell and James, a make up artist, who was there to do demonstrations and makeovers using New CID Cosmetics products.

Paul Mitchell is a salon brand and they’re bringing out a new range of products for coloured hair and they sound pretty fantastic. We all smelt them and agreed they smelt like holiday. I couldn’t quite put my finger on what it was but the scent was just so tropical and beachy and amazing. These products contain the superfood quinoa and they’re focused on not only keeping your colour radiant but upping the shine and reducing breakage.

After we’d all sat down with a glass of prosecco, James proceeded to give us a make up lesson, using the lovely Kariss as his model. Though I wasn’t familiar with New CID Cosmetics as a brand, it turns out I have seen their products before. Their lipglosses are the ones that have a light inside and a mirror on the outer packaging – perfect for when you’re on a night out and my mum actually has one. When it comes to high-end cosmetics, I’m a bit of an amateur (and a total slave to Rimmel) but having tried and tested some of the products, I think I may break my bank balance pretty soon.

As I’m no make-up expert, a lot of the science-y stuff went over my head a bit so I’ve put together a list of key things that I learnt.

  • How to match foundation colours - it should be the shade that disappears when you apply it to your chest, rather than your jaw as then you’re the same colour all over.
  • If you’re pale, you shouldn’t use bronzer to contour and instead you should highlight.
  • You should always have two shades of concealer – one that matches your skin tone, and one a shade lighter. This means that you can use the matching one for extra coverage then the lighter one to highlight.
  • To cover scarring and spots, use concealer before foundation to bring the colour up to your natural colour first and then apply foundation over the top for full coverage.
  • To contour your cheeks, you should be colour matching to the colour of the shadow under your cheekbones that you get when you suck them in.

Once we’d had the full tutorial, Sarah did some hair styling and James did mini make overs whilst we all mingled. Sarah had actually been let down by her stylist on the day and she put the skills she’s picked up over 6 years of working for Paul Mitchell doing PR to very good use – we were very impressed!

Sarah styled my hair into a half up, half down style that I absolutely loved and it was really easy to recreate too! She sectioned my hair and curled the bottom half into ringlets before brushing through so the curls just looked natural and flowing. Then she divided the top half into two, twisted each section round and literally tied it in a knot. The repeated this until she just needed to pin the ends under – how quick and easy?! I can’t believe I’ve never done it before!

I had a lesson in brows from James too. He explained to me that getting them professionally shaped would really help (mine tend to be left to their own devices aside from plucking stray hairs) and then he made up one brown and let me do the other. I was really impressed and have since ordered the i-Groom eyebrow grooming pencil and brush. It’s a triangular pencil and definitely my new fave (sorry Gimme Brow, this feels like a break-up).

We were treated to a fabulous goody bag too as we left which included a New CID Cosmetics i-shine lipgloss (that I love as it’s almost like a clear balm but with extra sparkles), a Paul Mitchell rose gold hair brush (prettiest thing ever) and of course, the new Ultimate Colour Repair Paul Mitchell products.

I haven’t actually tried out the products myself as my lovely friend Jessica will be doing that for me! She blogs over at www.forevermissvanity.com and unfortunately she was too poorly to attend the event. As she has the most fabulous ombre hair, I’m passing them to her and she’ll be reviewing them over on her blog, so keep an eye open for that.

Overall, it was a fantastic night and I left feeling like I’d genuinely learnt a lot. Though my make-up knowledge is pretty limited, I’m beginning to realise that the pricier brands can be truly worth their weight in gold if you get the right products for you!

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The Ultimate Colour Repair collection is due to launch this month and can be purchased online or via their salons.

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