A haul from The Body Shop

The Body Shop Haul

Everyone loves a sale at The Body Shop. Fact. I popped in today hoping to pick up a bargain and I’m pretty sure I got all of the best bits.

First up, I got a couple of bottles of shower gel. They were reduced from £4 to £3 and if I’m honest, I still feel that £3 for 250ml of shower gel is a bit extravagant when you can get the same for a quid. But hey, these smell amazing. I picked up the Peach and Raspberry flavours – both of which are super fruity and I’ve heard good things before about their shower gel. Treats are nice.

I picked up the lemon sugar scrub too, which as, as you’d expect, a fantastic citrusy scent. I’m a big fan of sugar scrubs as they are a bit harsher on my skin and I feel like it truly removes any dead skin and improves the skin surface. And by that I mean, it helps reduce the appearance of cellulite. Fact.

The other two scrubs I picked up are the blueberry and raspberry ones. I picked up two of the raspberry scrubs as y’know, you can never have too much and they were on 4 for £16. I’ve had the raspberry one before and loved it because it has the same scent and consistency of jam – and the blueberry one looks pretty similar. It does look like you’ve been smearing your shower with jam tarts when you get out though, which is fun.

So that’s my haul from The Body Shop. No doubt it won’t be long before my sister reads this and decides she needs a trip to Leeds that involves a shower – she seems to think that my bathroom is like a spa full of treat products as she never buys them herself.

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