How to save money in a do-able way.

How to save money

As I write this, I’m feeling pretty much broken. I’m not sure what’s worse, the hangover from last night or the next day muscle soreness from my personal training session yesterday morning. All the pain.

But anyway, as this month has taken me into a whole new world of skint (June, did you really need to throw in five weekends between paydays, really?!) I thought I’d do a post with my tips of how to save cash. Yeah, it’s not particularly exciting but hey, every little helps.

Prepare and plan your meals. 
This works for me as I’m fundamentally lazy when it comes to food. I batch cook and suddenly I have a freezer full of what are essentially homemade ready meals that can be heated up quickly. It’s cheap and they come without the scary sugar/salt content of actual ready meals.

Go to the market. 
I love Leeds market as it’s full of really cheap food (you’re probably sensing the food theme already). I tend to pick up meat and all of the veg I’ll be cooking with it that day (fruit and veg doesn’t tend to last as long as it would from a supermarket) and it literally halves the cost of preparing evening meals.

Use Uber taxis. 
They’re cheap, you don’t end up tipping (#SorryNotSorry) and they do the ‘refer a friend and we’ll give you £10 free credit’ thing. Though it’s very easy to not see the money going out your account, I think it’s better than withdrawing a tenner in cash, spending a fiver on a taxi and then the change being swallowed up without you noticing (usually into a Tesco express self-service checkout on the way home from work).

Take snacks to work. Again, boring, but I’m a fruit salad fan and spending 10 minutes chopping up a melon and a pineapple (which will probably cost you £2.50 in total tops from a supermarket), and taking it to work is a lot cheaper than spending £2 each day on a prepared fruit salad. That’s a £7.50 saving, right there to be made.

If you need to pay by card, go contactless. 
I don’t know the deal across all banks but I earn little bits of cashback by paying contactless which is always happy days.

Go own-brand. 
Yeah, some stuff you just know what you like, but is it really necessary to spend £4 on a bottle of over-perfumed shower gel in a highstreet beauty retailer (no names mentioned) when you can get something that smells equally as heavenly from a supermarket?

*Whispers* Wear an outfit twice. 
I know it’s not as fun as buying something new but a dress you wore to a wedding last year will be perfect for the races this year and it could save you a fortune. If Kate Middleton can do it, we all can.

Look for dupes. 
Only yesterday I was asked if I was wearing Angel by Thierry Mugler when I was wearing the similar scent of Katy Perry’s Killer Queen. Though a lot of people are dubious about celebrity fragrances, there are some surprisingly nice scents about at the moment, which are a fraction of the price of designer brands.

So what do you think of my money-saving tips? Anything you think I should try?

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