Five lovely things for under a fiver

Five things under a fiver
We’re all pretty skint nowadays, let’s face it, so I’ve put a post together of five things I love that cost under a fiver. As y’know, a small treat is better than one that breaks your overdraft, right?

Decent Tea

I drink a lot of green tea and though I have a 50 pack of Tetley green teabags sat in my desk at work, there’s something that bit better about choosing something of a higher quality. These PG Tips bags are pyramid shaped and taste fabulous. Yes, I have green tea standards now.

£1 Facemasks

Pretty much every teenage girl should remember these bad boys that you got every birthday. They’re £1 each and they’re actually decent. No, you won’t get the same results as a super-jazzy high end face mask that costs you £20 but what’s not to love about these, especially the peel off ones. What PVA on your hands did to you when you were 7, a peel off facemask has the same effect as an adult. And will leave your skin super-smooth. Win win.


Listening to all those nostalgic songs from your teenage years is priceless (if you already own them, and if not, Youtube). Whether it’s the song that takes you back to your prom (Don’t Stop Believing by Journey), the summer your turned 18 (Good Times by Roll Deep) or the song that got overplayed when you went to the same club every Saturday night at uni (the Pokemon theme tune), listen to them all and remember the good times.

Motivational Postcards

I love a good motivational quote and as my Instagram is full of them, I figured the next best thing to do was to start filling my surroundings with them too. I pick them up from Paperchase where they’re about 90p each and stick them up in my flat as they’re so blogger-ish and uplifting.

A Manicure

We all have enough stuff lying about to do our nails with but a new polish is always a treat. I love this £3.99 Barry M one in ‘Cardamom’ that I picked up last weekend. I’ve been on the hunt for a green polish for a while and this is exactly what I had in mind.

So, what treats do you love that are under a fiver? Let me know, I’d love to try them out!

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  1. I have SO many of those inspirational post cards! They are so adorable and I love to have them around me whilst I'm working, they always keep me motivated! I wish I liked green tea more... it is so healthy but I just don't seem to like the taste :(
    Sarah xxx ||