A weekend in Liverpool

Weekend in Liverpool

I was lucky enough to spend this weekend in Liverpool and you know what? It was bloody fabulous.

My sister, Charlotte, ran the Liverpool Rock n Roll Half Marathon which is like a better version of normal half marathons as they have really cool bands along the route. But more on that in a bit.

We spent Saturday being tourists in the city and after meeting my Mum and Charlotte down at Albert Dock, we went and looked at the Lambanana statues. They’re brightly coloured cow statues. No idea why they’re called Lambanana but hey, we can roll with it.

After a mooch, we took my mum for her first ever Nandos. After we’d explained how the menu works (as it’s almost as complicated as Harvester), we all had chicken salads which were pretty decent.

Post-nandos, we went to meet my lovely friend from university, Alex, to go to the World Museum. This place was amazing! It’s free, has loads of floors with different stuff to see and we saw exciting things like fish, bugs, dinosaurs and various animals. The insects floor isn’t for the faint-hearted (my mum refused to come in) as there are loads of live bugs/beetles/giant spiders. The dinosaur floor proved to be a popular choice for my sister (yes, she is 24) whereas I was a fan of the Anglo-Saxons.

After the museum, we went to the Tate Modern Gallery which was pretty much lost on me (I’m not exactly arty!) but my sister was very proud that she’d got me into an art gallery!

Whilst in Liverpool, I stayed at the Heywood House Hotel which was really rather lovely! I did the token Instagram shot of the room and of course the rubber duck that was sat in the bathroom waiting to watch me shower. If you’re going to spend a weekend in Liverpool, I’d really recommend it. It was pretty loud until about half 11 but it’s next to a pub and let’s face it, city centre Liverpool on a Saturday night isn’t the most tranquil of settings. In fact, I actually saw a woman drop her jeans and wee in the street. Classy.

Sunday was the Liverpool Rock n Roll Half Marathon day! Needless to say, I’m a very proud little sister! After seeing off Charlotte (and Elaine, Debbie and Julie), my mum and I went off to shout our support before going for breakfast – being a half marathon supporter is really hard work! 

We had such a lovely time cheering on lots of people just before the finish line and seeing these four inspirational women running past was such an experience! Here they are in their winners t-shirts and medals!

As I’m writing this, they haven’t had their official times through, but I know that my sister got a personal best so I’m very very proud!

Have you ever been to Liverpool? 

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