A Single Girls' Night In

Single Girl's night in

When I was sent some pretty snazzy cocktail glasses to try from Drink Stuff I couldn’t wait to try them out. Like, actually couldn’t wait long enough to arrange a night in, I had to try them RIGHT THEN. Which got me thinking about my post and I decided to write a list of essentials for a solo night in.

As I’ve been single for forever and a day and I’ve been living by myself since September in my own little bachelorette pad (jokes, I’m only a furry friend away from being a crazy cat lady) a lot of my friends often ask how I don’t get bored or lonely so I figured that now is the time to write the night in by yourself survival guide.

You will need:

1. Cocktail glasses (like these ones) to keep things fancy, always. Now I have them, I’ve realised that life is too short for regular tumblers and drinks without crushed ice. They’re super-high quality and coupled with good background music make me feel like I’m drinking in a Hard Rock Cafe which makes me happy.

2. Scented candles. Having candles burning automatically relaxes me, and I have them burning most of the time in my flat – especially my current fave which is linen and jasmine and from Laura Ashley. One of my BFFs got me it for my birthday and it seems to be the slowest burning yet most beautifully scented candle I’ve ever had.

3. A good book. It genuinely upsets me when people don’t get the same amount of pleasure from reading as I do and spending an hour getting lost in someone else’s world is one of my absolute favourite things to do. Whether it’s re-reading Harry Potter for the zillionth time or a new book (actual physical book as you don’t get the new book smell from a Kindle), it’s still a simple luxury to me.

4. Doing whatever makes you excited. It sounds really simple but having a past-time which you love really fills your evenings. My blog is a massive part of my life and sitting with a notebook planning posts to write and spending time reading the blogs of others is something I really enjoy doing. Obviously, not everyone is the same but whether it’s playing music, going to the gym or dancing round your room having a mini disco (so, so guilty), spending time doing what YOU love is really important.

5.  Watching films. I have pretty much zero attention span for most films (that aren’t Jurassic World, that was the best film EVER) but there’s always one that you’ll end up watching again and again because you just love it. For me right now, that's Paddington and I'm not even sorry that it's a film for kids.

6. Pampering yourself. Having a night to yourself is the best opportunity to do all the things you can’t do properly when others are about. Like have a really long shower where you use a salt scrub, then slather yourself in body butter and walk round wearing very little till it’s all nicely absorbed. It’s a girl thing, it just happens.

7. Snacks. Did you really think I’d get through a post like this without mentioning food? Really? As it gets into summer, fresh fruit salad is my absolute seasonal fave and I made the ultimate fruit cocktail, stacked it up in one of my new cocktail glasses (because it’s fun to be fancy) and topped it off with SNOG frozen yoghurt. I was feeling super-healthy making that choice to buy a low-fat dessert option and it’s a shame that phase has passed and I’ve since bought Ben and Jerrys. Oops.

8. An early night. Yep, I’m officially a grandma as aiming to be nicely wound down and in bed by 10pm at least a few times a week is on my list of priorities. Sad, but true. And also good for you as sleep is quite literally the dream during the working week.

So that’s my guide to a single girls’ night in and it was probably about as rock and roll as you’d expect – basically not at all. Let me know if there are things you love doing whilst home alone in the comments (keep it clean, I know what you’re thinking).

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