New Charity Collection: Nicholas King for Glasses Direct

Glasses Direct Nicholas King Orbis Eye Charity
I was so excited when I got an email in my inbox announcing that Nicholas King is collaborating with Glasses Direct for a new charity range - I love their London Retro range already and his new designs are right up my street.

It’s even more exciting that they’re donating all of their profits to a charity called Orbis. I’d never heard of the charity Orbis before but when I started reading about how they help prevent and treat avoidable blindness, it really made me stop and think.

I take having glasses for granted. I take the fact that I can go to an optician, have them analyse my vision and send me off with my prescription to find the perfect pair of frames that to me, become both a fashion accessory and part of my identity.

Where would I be without glasses? I wouldn’t be able to see a foot in front of my face, I wouldn’t be able to read without getting a headache, I wouldn’t be able to watch films or look at a computer screen. But I have them, I can lead a normal life with several pairs to choose from.

To be brutally honest, I’m fucking lucky. I can see. To people around the world, being able to see is a luxury not a right. And how WRONG is that?! Orbis is a fantastic charity who do absolutely fantastic work and I can’t believe it’s taken me till now to properly realise how lucky I am. I’m blessed to be in a situation that when I couldn’t see the whiteboard properly back in year 4, I was whisked straight to the opticians and I never stopped to think where I’d be without that.

So this collection. All of the profits go to charity and you get a stylish pair of frames and some good karma out of it. Jewellery designer Nicholas King has collaborated on the collection and he’s worked with some pretty snazzy companies including Tiffany and Chanel so yeah, that’s pretty exciting too.

The collection launches in June and the frames are priced at £90. Which if you ask me is pretty cheap for a designer frame! 

Which ones do you love the most? I'd love to hear what you think! 

(Please note that I was NOT paid or gifted anything to write this post, I genuinely love this brand and their charity work is bloody fantastic!)

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  1. Is it June or July? Another post elsewhere said they're releasing in July.

    I really wanna try those cat-eye ones and hope to God they suit me cause I love the way they look.