My return to online dating.

Online Dating Happn Dating App
After spending the last few months dipping in and out of Plenty of Fish, I decided to try a new dating app called Happn. I first about it from the last guy I went on a date with (pretty standard first date convo is which apps you do and don’t recommend apparently!) but it wasn’t until recently that I actually tried it.

It’s like a location-based Tinder. If you walk down the street past someone who has the app, they’ll come up on your feed and then you can tap the heart to express your interest. If they’ve matched you (as you’ll show on their feed), then you can chat. If they haven’t, you can send them a charm to make them notice you. They may heart you or ignore it.

You profile is originally pulled from Facebook, like Tinder, though you can change the details and also, it doesn’t show up mutual friends.

So, the good bits and the bad bits.

The Good:

-  It goes by location which means it’s hyper-local and this is especially good if you don’t have a car.
-  You have the chance to meet people, quite literally, from all walks of life.
-  If you go to a gym, live in a block of flats or work in town, you will get an endless number of people to match.
-  You control who you talk to.
-  Unlike Tinder, it’s not quite as popular and therefore less likely to be used as a joke.

The Bad:

-  Work with a load of single guys? The chances are you’ll find a few on there and they’ll be able to see that you’re on it. This tends to work better if you live somewhere relatively new.
-  You might find it weird. It essentially attaches information to your photo and you’re offering that up to people who may see you every day – whether it’s the hot guy who serves you on a morning in Starbucks or the creepy looking one on the bus.
-  If you regularly commute, you’ll pick up everyone at your local station which means that you could be matching with someone who may have been there as a one-time thing.
- If, like me, you have a load of coupled up friends who’ve been together longer than dating apps have been around, it’s the newest thing to explain to them. Like when Tinder first got popular and it fascinated everyone in a long term relationship!

So, what do you think? Creepy or a practical way of meeting people? Let me know in the comments if you’ve used Happn before or if you’d avoid it like the plague!


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