Holiday Season – The Social Media Checklist

Holiday Season checklist
We all know that wedding season is well underway with the ridiculous number of photos of dressed up people that will continue to plague our newsfeeds until September*, but what’s about to get well and truly underway is holiday season.

*I was 100% guilty of this on Saturday as I was at a wedding and will be the same this weekend too #SorryNotSorry. Also, outfit post to come, obvs.

So, I thought I’d put together a list of everything we’ll be seeing over the next few months!

1. The last day at work status. Pretty standard, usually stating how many days until they have off.

2. The airport check-in on Facebook. This can be accompanied by a photo of a McDonalds/pint/glass of champagne depending on the type of holiday.

3. The plane selfie. Usually accompanied by a filter as lighting on planes can knock anyone down a few points.

4. Photos of the first cocktail/pint. As duh, it’s a just arrived on holiday given – taking a photo of a drink and uploading it the moment there’s access to free wifi.

5. The ‘shit I got sunburn on my first day’ tweet. Nobody wants to give all of the family an excuse to do the suncream and skin cancer lectuer, but that rant needs to be posted somewhere. Please note, sun cream is always advisable as it protects you from both burning and looking like a twat with peeling shoulders/forever tanlines.

6. The cocktails at sunset shot. Usually via Instagram with a filter to maximise the glare of the suns’ rays bouncing from the glass. It’s just so pretty.

7. At least one outfit shot per day, usually on a balcony or in the hotel room.

8.  The swimwear shot. What’s the point in dieting for months to feel amazing on holiday if nobody else is going to see it in the flesh? Despite everyone knowing that everyone is beach body ready (in your face Protein World!), the pre-holiday diet is still a common occurrence. Let’s face it, this photo is the stalking gold that everyone back home is waiting for.

9. The last night in paradise status, declaring it’s been the best holiday ever.

10.The depressing status, which appears before the seatbelt sign has even been switched off, about missing being on holiday. Usually followed by 200 uploaded photos due to getting access to 4G on the way back from the airport.

What do you think? Reckon you’ll witness a few of these over the next few months? 


  1. I think I'm guilty of all of them when I went to Thailand...oopps x

    1. Haha a press trip definitely doesn't count ;) xx

  2. I think I'm guilty of all of them when I went to Thailand...oopps x