Protein World - Are you beach body ready?

Protein World Beach Body Ready Advert
Protein World is a leading supplier of various protein supplements and this week, they seemed to make a huge error of judgement when launching a new marketing campaign.

It’s pretty standard. Nobody likes body-shaming, fat-shaming, skinny-shaming, any of it and they produced a poster of a slim, toned model asking ‘Are you beach body ready?’. So, of course, Twitter went into uproar, bloggers went and stripped to their bikinis and stood next to it, posters were defaced and Protein World have apparently reported a boost in sales.

Personally, I think making any implication that women should look a certain way is always going to be a risky business given the sensitive nature of the subject and the current climate of inclusivity with regards to body-shape. Last time I checked, you don’t need to have a certain percentage body fat to be allowed to step onto a beach, so I think the advertising idea isn’t particularly well thought out.

Their point is that their products, when used correctly, can aid you in your physical training, thus improving your body. I say improving as a reference to your health and fitness – whether that improves how you look is only down to your own judgement.

I genuinely see their point that their products can help you change your body-shape. I very much believe that regular exercise and the proper intake of nutrients is important when trying to improve your health and fitness. However, do you need to spend months gaining what Protein World define in their advertising as a ‘beach body’ to wear a bikini? No, you certainly don’t. A beach body is when your body is on the beach, regardless of your shape and size. Fact.

My biggest issue with this campaign is how the brand has responded. Telling people on Twitter to ‘get a grip’, for example, is rude and it’s childish. What happened to basic manners? I appreciate, having someone slate your brand isn’t a barrel of laughs, but all Protein World have done is make themselves appear bitchy and clique-y. They’re like The Plastics of the supplement world.

But is the reaction from the public any better? I’m all for taking a stand for what you believe in but defacing adverts? Really? That’s graffiti and just as bad. 

The bloggers who made their point by taking photos in bikinis next to the poster made it in a constructive way and it’s gone viral, taking their message with it. But writing all over a poster? Nah - that takes it too far. At the end of the day, by contacting a brand directly, you’re allowing them the chance to reply and have a conversation (which admittedly, Protein World didn’t do too well with the responses). What do you expect to gain by writing on a poster? A scrawled response? Perhaps not.

At the end of the day, Protein World have got everyone talking about their brand (guilty, right here) and they have seen a spike in sales. Would I personally buy from a brand who was rude to people over Twitter? No. Because manners don’t cost a penny.

What do you think? Were you offended by the advert?

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  1. It's such a touchy subject! I've resisted posting comments on so many blogs about weight/body issues, as sometimes, it seems you can't have your own opinion without it being contested.
    It's a great campaign, however, had the world 'Body' been left out and or a selection of ladies in bikini's or none at all, I think it would of been better and been taken better...
    But then, like you say, regardless of everything, it working sales wise..