Curly Hair, Don’t Care

Curly Hair Don't Care
You know when you read a blog post and it really inspires you? That happened to me today. I saw Emma’s post about curly hair be retweeted and gave it a read – it really made me stop and think about my own attitude towards my hair. 

If anyone is reading and does have curly hair, I suggest you read it as it's full of good tips!

Growing up with natural curls, straight hair has always been a novelty. It was what I did when I ‘made an effort’, people wanted to straighten my hair because it made me look different to usual. I still remember being 13 and a boy from school telling me that the reason why I didn’t have a boyfriend was because I didn’t straighten my hair.

But by the time I got to my late teens, I was really embracing having curly hair  – mainly as daily straightening would have taken over an hour and I was frankly too lazy for that. But when occasional straightening led to compliments, it began to happen on a more regular basis. Now, I realise that it wasn’t because it looked ‘better’ (though a male friend of mine did once assure me that no men like girls with curly hair, angry face), it was my hair being noticeably different.

Sitting in a hairdressers chair for 2 hours today (mega yawn) whilst a trainee cut my hair for a fiver, it made me realise that the novelty of straight hair has been so lost on me. I’d sat for so long having it cut and styled, looked at the finished result and thought ‘yeah, looks alright, nothing special’. Because, for me at least, having shoulder length, straight brown hair with a center parting is just... boring.

So now? I’m embracing my curls. I want my somewhat damaged hair to go back into the naturally tight curls I used to have. I want to not need to blow dry my hair when I can just mousse it and leave it be. I want my hair to be shiny. I want greasy hair days to be hidden by texture (gross, but true). Most of all, I was to embrace the whole natural thing as life is way too short to spend time blow drying your hair when you can get away with not bothering.

And it wouldn’t be a blog post without a few l hair photos so I give you....

My sister. For a girl who took over-straightening to a whole other level whilst a teenager, she now has hair comparable to the average Disney Princess. Bitch.

Sophie. My best friend, gig buddy and a girl who’s the opposite of me – she has to put the effort in to get her hair into curls. Oh and to get it blonde, obvs.

Me (and Jenna). This is how I want my hair again. I was 19 in this photo and I didn’t even own a pair of straighteners.

So, what do you think? Do you have straight hair and wish you had curls? Do you have curls that you iron out or do you embrace them? Are you somewhere inbetween? 

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