Top 5 Songs from Films

Top 5 Film Songs
I can almost hear the eye-rolling of all my film-loving friends as I even attempt to write a post about film music when it took me until I was at university to even see Ghostbusters. But these songs are the ones that bring back all the emotions and nostalgia my teenage self. And let’s face it, my film tastes are yet to mature and I still love every single one.

1.      God is a DJ, Pink - Mean Girls

You know when they’re all getting ready for the home-coming dance and Cady is getting ready to go compete with the Mathletes? Yeah, that song. Also, every time I hear it, it makes me smile that Glen Coco was essentially the most famous person from that film and half his head was on screen for about a second. YOU GO GLEN COCO.

2.      Ultraviolet, The Stiff Dylans - Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging

This is the one from the end when Georgia goes to her surprise party and her Dad is there and she makes up with Jazz and Robbie comes on stage wearing the Angus Rocks t-shirt. And if that’s a spoiler for anyone, please just leave, you should have seen the film by now anyway.

3.      Jimmy Eat World, Hear You Me - A Cinderella Story

I never even realised that this song was by Jimmy Eat World until years after first seeing A Cinderella Story but it’s all the emotions of them finally getting it on at the end, kissing in the rain, him realising that he wants her and it’s because he saw her when she was invisible. All the clichés, right there.

4.      What Makes You Different, What Makes You Beautiful, Backstreet Boys, The Princess Diaries

I love this song, I love this film, it’s just absolute perfection. I was obsessed with the books as a kid and I was pretty much the perfect age for this film coming out so it will always be a fave.

5.      Send me on my way, Rusted Root - Matilda

This is that song from Matilda that everyone loves. I used to be really scared of the film as a kid (stupid parents friends who thought it would be ‘like a cinema’ if me and my sister watched it in the dark when we were about 5 or 6) but once I’d grown to love Roald Dahl, I eventually came to love it.

So they're my top 5 favourite songs from films. No, there are none of the classics but they’re still my absolute faves. What are yours?

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