The Ultimate Blogger Clichés

Blogger Cliches
I love reading list posts (a la Hannah Gale especially) so I figured as I like reading them, other people probably do to and I should jump on the listing bandwagon and start writing them myself.

So here are the six blogger clichés that I’m 100% guilty of.

1. Getting dressed for outfit posts then getting changed again afterwards. Super-stylish outfit? This is more realistic.

2. Weighing up how good a drink looks vs how good it will actually taste just because every cocktail has the potential for Instagram. This includes trying a cocktail with cucumber in it. Just because.

3. Candles. All of the candles, burning, always. As scented candles which are either Yankee, a super-cute bargain buy or hand poured from Etsy, inspire all the blog posts. Always.

4. Hating on everyone who abuses #PRRequest but always checking it for new opportunities. As some PRs (including myself) do still use it to find blogger opportunities and if anything, seeing bloggers trying to #PRRequest a hotel in London for fashion week is funny.

5. Getting in on budget beauty as everyone knows that just because something is reduced, it's probably still fine to use. I'm talking TK Maxx, clearance in Boots and highstreet brands in Poundland.

6. Treating everything as an opportunity. As contrary to popular belief, bloggers don’t actually get gifted every single thing they blog about, when I’ve paid for something, I want to share it. Whether it’s gig tickets, new make up or dinner at a new restaurant, it’s a great way of documenting things with a bit more detail. 

So that's my Blogger Clichés list, what do you think?


  1. Haha, I loved this post! I definitely agree with #3 :)
    Elise @ Elise Dopson

    1. I'm all about candles when I write my posts, usually of the Yankee variety too haha xx

  2. Great post! Am definitely guilty of (a few) of these. :)


    1. I'm just so bad with them all, especially getting changed for outfit posts! xx