McBusted - M.E.A.T Tour

McBusted M.E.A.T Tour Leeds
When McBusted announced that they’d be going back on tour, it was pretty much a no-brainer that I’d be going back to see them. The first time round, it was a massive show, filled with nostalgia and a lot of jumping around the stage. And the second time? It was even better.

Since the last tour, the band has brought out an album, made a documentary, released a DVD and generally promoted themselves in a way that makes them appear a group of genuine guys who are just rolling with the McBusted bandwagon.

Just a quick link-drop here, my friend Jenessa wrote a fantastic blog post about their album and (unlike me) she really knows what she’s talking about music-wise, so have a looksie here.

The show itself was a massive production. We’re talking the worlds’ biggest working arcade game which they actually played a game on during the show, along with the usual insane pyrotechnics, lighting and everything else.

What more can you really ask from a show? They performed all of their biggest Mcfly/Busted hits, included a few of the new songs, James Bourne rode around the stage on a bike at one point and Dougie Poynter still makes my heart melt a bit.

Here’s the photo overload. Enjoy!

What's your favourite McBusted track? Have you seen either of their tours or did you see them the first time round?

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  1. I wasn't a fan during their seperate band times.. don't get me wrong, I like both bands songs, but I was never a 'fan' or 'groupie'.. however I did go to their show/tour last year when they came to our OAT and it was amazing! I watched their documentary and it was a great insight.
    I hoping they return to the OAT this year as I'd love to see this tour. :)