Beauty Matters, Garforth

Beauty Matters Garforth Leeds
I was a very lucky blogger last week as I got to attend the re-launch of Beauty Matters in Garforth.

You know when you find one of those hidden gem type places that you go to and immediately want to tell everyone about? Usually, for me, they tend to involve food, but this time, it was Beauty Matters, as it is genuinely the nicest beauty salon I’ve ever been to.

As it’s a new location for the salon, it’s all shiny-new and slick but you still have that feeling of walking into your friend’s house. All of the staff were really friendly and everyone was very well looked after on the night. I went straight over to Garforth from work with my good friend Jessica (Forever Miss Vanity) and we were pleased to find out that the salon is less than 10 minutes walk from the station and on the main street. And, of course, it was chance to catch up with some lovely bloggers including Sarah, Laura, Lauren, Lucy and Rachel :)

Since moving to their new location, lots of new treatments have been introduced including 3D Lipo whichh is a non-invasive fat-loss treatment.

There are different stages to the treatment:
Cavitation – Using ultrasound waves to break down fat cells so they turn to liquid.
3D Dermology – Suction and rollers are used to encourage lymphatic drainage of the broken down fat cells.
Cryolipolysis – Freezing of fat cells in target areas to kill them and then the body removes them like it would with any toxins.
Focus Fractional Radio Frequency – Delivering energy under the skin to tighten the skin.

3D Lipo is a great alternative to traditional liposuction (no scarring/risk of infection etc), and though at the moment isn’t something I really fancy, it’s something I’d consider in the future. I’m a big believer that diet and exercise is what shapes your body, but there will always be an area that if you’re trying to lose weight you will struggle to shift fat from, so this could be a great solution.

More info here, as I’m by no means an expert.

Colonic hydrotherapy is another treatment that has been introduced at Beauty Matters. I’m sure I don’t have to describe the ins and outs of this one (quite literally) but it’s all about cleaning out your bowels. I’ll leave that one there.

As I mentioned earlier, what I love about Beauty Matters is how chilled out it is. Downstairs feels like you’re in a really vibrant beauty bar (like something out of Sex and the City) but upstairs is like going into a whole other salon as it’s so chilled out. There’s a treatment room for two people that is so relaxing, as well as separate rooms for different treatments.

The products they use are really high quality too. Jessica and I both had an express manicure on the night using Vinylux polish which dried within 10 minutes. You know when you can’t believe something can be quite that good? 20 minutes later I was still refusing to touch anything even though it felt like they’d been dry for ages! Normally I can chip nail polish within about 12 hours but 2 days later they’re still going strong. 

They also use Environ Skincare which is a South African brand and very vitamin-rich. We got some products in our goody bags and I already love the AVST 1 moisturiser! The products can be bought in the salon too.

And, of course, a few photos of the canapés which were uh-mazing.

I can’t wait to go back to Beauty Matters – Jessica and I are already planning a girly day to celebrate our birthdays next month and as we were given a £10 voucher in our goodybags, it would be rude not to!

Big thank yous to the Beauty Matters staff and Faith PR who put on the event on Thursday, we had a fantastic time!

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  1. Such a lovely post and was nice seeing you there. Thanks for the mention as well. I will be writing my post tonight, I know bit late but better late than never :-).