The Script – No Sound Without Silence Tour, Leeds 2015

The Script – No Sound Without Silence Tour, Leeds 2015
I’m not really one for gig reviews as critiquing music isn’t exactly my strong point (my opinions vary from ‘yeah I like that song’ to ‘that song’s annoying’, with very little inbetween), but here we go.

On Tuesday night, I went to see The Script play at the First Direct Arena in Leeds, with my gig buddy Sophie. It was my second attempt at seeing them (the last time I had tickets, it was cancelled, sad times), so I was pretty chuffed that the setlist still included some of their older songs.

We arrived not long before the support act came on, who according to our tickets was Labrinth (that guy who sung that Earthquake song – yes, I know, I sound like an old person). So when Tinie Tempah came on, we were pleasantly surprised! Apparently Labrinth had pulled out, Tinie had stepped in and Sophie and I were both pretty pleased as it meant we could dance around to some of our favourite songs. Pass Out in particular holds a lot of fond memories for me as it came out the summer after I turned 18 and every time I hear it I can practically taste the VKs.

After the set finished, unlike with a lot of other artists I’ve seen, there was no messing, and The Script came on about 15 minutes later. They opened with ‘Paint the town Green’ (new fave) and the rest of their set included Breakeven, The Man Who Can’t be Moved, Superheroes and they closed with Hall of Fame.

At one point Danny (*swoon*) appeared on the balcony and ran through the audience with a camera on a selfie stick, much to the delight of everyone who was seated near there. It was a really nice moment as usually it’s only those who are willing to queue for hours to get standing space at the front who get chance to get near to a band so this must have made a lot of fans’ nights.

All in all, it was a top night, I’d definitely see them again and I’m now even more tempted to move to Ireland for the accent. Oh and after the gig, both Tinie Tempah and his DJ liked my Instagram photos. Claim to fame, right there.

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