My 100kg Deadlift

100kg deadlift
Happy New Year!

This is about the millionth time that I’ve sat down to try and write this, as most bloggers will probably understand, some posts just give you a block.

A couple of months back, I did one of those ‘I’m sorting my life out’ posts where I said I had a few goals, one of which was to deadlift 100kg before Christmas and as I managed this, I thought I’d share the video and do a post about my fitness goals for 2015.

So here it is... 100kg deadlift, from the floor, on Christmas Eve 2014. Yes, I was in the gym on Christmas Eve, that’s how desperate I was to get this lift! I spent a lot of time in the gym whinging about having blisters on my hands training to get this far so I’m pretty pleased that I can post this video!

Onto the goals...

When I was introduced to free weights, despite working with a very experienced personal trainer, I was a bit unsure, just because there are lots of myths surrounding women and lifting weights - lots of them being absolute shit. When I started this type of training, it was a lot of baby steps, and I was introduced to deadlifts using a 20kg kettlebell. As I progressed, the weights got heavier and soon, I was around the 60kg mark and it was then that my PT challenged me to get to 100kg before Christmas. I never thought it would happen but I persevered and managed it on Christmas Eve. So now, I need new goals!

During 2015 I would like to...

Do 10 full length, perfect form, press ups.
This is mainly because I’ve always wanted to be able to do ‘proper’ press ups but I’ve never really been taught how to do them until recently.

Deadlift 115kg.
This may not seem that much heavier but I think it could be my limit – for now. As I’m new to this exercise, my form isn’t as refined as someone who’s done it for years nor is my core as strong so under the guidance of my PT, I’ll be treading carefully to keep my form in check and avoid injury. But I want to get over 100kg, just because!

Bench press 45kg for one rep.
I can currently bench press 20kg on reps but this is something I seriously need to work on, to strengthen my shoulders. I know this will be hard and again, it could be a goal that changes as the difficulty of the exercise increases exponentially with the weight – though for now, aiming for 1 rep at 45kg at some point this year seems realistic. I'll also be aiming to up the weight I press on reps to around 30kg.

Run the York 10K again and beat my first time of 1hr32.
I was bullied into agreed to do the York 10K again. After going along to support my lovely cousin Emma do her first Park Run yesterday, both her and my sister have decided to do it in August and I’m going to do it with them. After I swore never to run again (I don’t see the point in running anywhere whilst I’m not being chased), this could be interesting!

So there are my fitness goals of 2015, what are yours?

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