The ‘New Year, New Me’ Cliché Post

New Year New Me
We all do it, that mental list we make every December about all of the things we’re going to change about ourselves in the new year. Then you get the keyboard warriors on Facebook posting statuses about how it’s all utter shite, nobody sticks to it, you don’t need a new year to make a new start and you should stop making yourself unrealistic goals.

WELL. I stuck to my 2014 resolutions and I fully intend to make a new list and stick to it. Again.

Here we go...

1. Of course I’m starting with the standard fitness resolution, it wouldn’t be a ‘whole new me’ cliché without this one. 2014 taught me that I can do the whole fitness thing. I ran the York 10K (1hr32 of sheer hell) and got a gym membership that 4 months on, I still use several times a week. I owe a lot to my PT for keeping me motivated and I know that 2015 will bring heavier weights, more intense sessions and new goals.

2. Following on from fitness has to be health. I’m never going to be one of those people who ‘eats clean’ 24/7 but more water, green tea and vegetables are easy additions to my diet.

3. Being better with money is, of course, on my list. Just because I'm generally irresponsible. So, in 2015, I will act like an adult and not just ignore my bank balance. 

4. ‘Do more stuff’. This is one of my 2014 resolutions that worked pretty well as it resulted in me going to a lot of gigs, seeing some of my favourite comedians and lots of other cool stuff alone the way. It would be silly to not include this again!

5. Read more. I barely read any more compared to what I used to and my to be read pile is getting a bit out of control so I think dedicating an hour, a few times a week, to just read is completely doable.

6. And the vanity resolution... look after my skin and hair. This means taking my makeup off every night and not leaving my hair 6 months without getting it cut – both of which I’m guilty of right now.

So that’s my resolutions post, what do you think? 

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  1. Great goals/resolutions. :) Many that I'm listing also.. like, more water, green tea, veg for deffo! I too am never going to be a clean eater 24/7, it's just not me and it would be unrealistic to think it and try and change it. My partner and I are aiming to 'do more' in 2015, like concerts, meals out etc. And I deffo need to read more.. I've ordered a couple of autobiographies to get me
    I actually did keep to my 2 I made last year.. So I'm happy to carry on the good feeling.

    Good Luck! :(