The Giant Soap and Glory Giftset

Soap and Glory Giftset

Soap and Glory Giftset Review It wasn’t until last year that I realised the hype around the ginormous Soap and Glory giftset and by the time it had gone down to half price, it had sold out (slight chance that it was the beauty-blogging community that emptied the shelves). But this year, I was prepared. I checked what was in it to make sure it didn’t have the usual shit that nobody uses (bath bombs/bubble bath etc, does anyone actually use that stuff?!) and I waited. I checked the Boots press centre every few days, waiting for the announcement. And then it came, and instead of jumping out of bed and onto my iPad at 7am the day it was reduced to a lowly £29, I forgot. Thankfully, it was still in stock when I remembered an hour later and I skipped off to work that morning knowing that I had one being delivered to my local Boots store the next day.

Needless to say, I took this shit seriously. Over £60 worth of products that a) I will actually use and b) I already want, for less than half price is like a dream come true. So though it’s now out of stock, I thought I’d do a little run down of what goodies come in this limited edition box of dreams.

First up, Hands and Feet.

Heel Genius is pretty much what it says on the tube, super moisturising cream to keep your feet lovely and soft. Hand Dream Super Cream is the same, it’s a super moisturising cream for your hands. I’m not 100% how it differs from Hand Food but I’m hoping it will have the same results – now I regularly rip my hands to shreds deadlifting at the gym, having an intense moisturiser is important.

The Body Products.

Butter Yourself Body Lotion – the kind of lotion you can use all over after you shower for quick absorption. Orangegasm Body Wash, keeps you clean and smelling fruity. Yum. Lastly, Whipped Clean – I haven’t actually read the back of this one so I’m not sure you’re meant to use this in the shower or after but it smells nice, so I’m onto a winner.

The Righteous Butter is a Soap and Glory classic. It’s a body butter to rival The Body Shop with its creamy smooth texture – I’m a slave to the Raspberry Body Butter from The Body Shop so I’m interested to see how it compares. The Sugar Crush Body Scrub is another that I’m looking forward to trying as I have a couple of faves when it comes to all over scrubs and this one has a somewhat interesting texture.

For the Face.

I’m a facewipe kind of girl (no cleansing oils for me, ta) so I’ll be trying out the wipes, most likely after a night out. I’ve already tried the lipgloss, Sexy Mother Pucker and it seems to have staying power and the shade is very close to my natural lip colour. I’ve used the Soap and Glory eyeliner pen before and absolutely loved it so I have very high hopes for this mascara.

So that’s a run down of what’s in the box. If any are particularly groundbreaking (fingers crossed they will be), will be back for a full review. And I’ll be posting about my top body scrubs once I’ve tried this one out too, just to give you all something to look forward to! ;)

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