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Mobile Madhouse Review When it gets to December and people come out with all of those ‘it’s the last chapter of 2014, make it the best one’ kind of quotes, I feel like I took that to heart – I’ve just been so busy!

This year, I’ve really gotten into the Christmas spirit. As I spent 5 years in retail over the festive season and last year spent the run up to Christmas working for a man who could easily have been the Grinch, it’s been an absolute dream to be in an office with decorations, Christmas music and two Christmas parties. Though my blog hasn’t been full of Christmas Wishlists (let’s face it, if you don’t know what to buy your loved ones, how the hell will I?), I thought I’d write a little post about Christmas accessories.

I love jazzy phone cases all year round as anyone who knows me, will know that my phone is permanently attached to my hand so it’s just another opportunity to make a statement. As I recently upgraded, I had to get myself a new case pretty quickly as I’m very prone to dropping my phone (hence why I wouldn’t last 5 minutes with an iPhone). Luckily for me, the lovely over at Mobile Madhouse sent me a couple of cases to try, one for me and my shiny new Samsung S5 Mini and one for a friend – and my BFF just happens to have a shiny new iPhone 6.

We both got a surprise (it was like Christmas come early), and my case is a pink ombre design with a water droplet texture and Sophie’s is a fairisle winter design. I love mine more (sorry Soph) as the texture helps me find it easily in my tardis of a handbag and looks like it’s had water spilt on it. Her iPhone 6 case is still really cute though and is seasonal rather than Christmassy so will still look cool come January.

The iPhone 6 case £9.99 and the S5 Mini case is £3.90 (absolute bargain) and both are eligible for free UK delivery. As I don’t replace my cases that often (I’ll happily keep the same case for up to 6 months), I need something that will last and given I’ve dropped my phone several times already with the case on it, it’s looking like it will.

Is your phone an accessory to you? What kind of cases do you like? 

*Both products were sent for review purposes but as ever, opinions are all my own.

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