Cooking from Scratch – Paprika Chicken

Paprika Chicken Recipe
Paprika Chicken Recipe Cooking for one isn’t the easiest of things and since I moved out on my own, I quickly realised that batch cooking really is the way forward. It may seem expensive at the time when you have to buy all of your meat/veg/spices in one go but it really does work out cheaper in the long term than having one off meals like pizzas/ready meals.

I tend to stock up my freezer every couple of weeks with meals that are frozen in portions, that I can take out on a morning and have for tea when I get in – essentially homemade ready meals without the added crap that comes in anything you microwave. Every meal I eat takes about 15 minutes to prepare as everything just cooks through during the time it takes me to cook pasta and some veg – and this recipe is no exception.

It’s the first time I’ve done this and I’m writing it as it’s in the oven so I’m hoping it will taste as good as it currently smells!

What you need:

1x Green Pepper
1x Red Pepper
2x White Onions
1x Courgette
4x Chicken Breasts
Paprika Seasoning

Prep time: 15 minutes
Cooking time: 1 hour


1. Roughly chop all of the veg into chunky pieces. If you chop everything into smaller pieces, they tend to mush down when you reheat it at a later date so keep them bigger.

2. Dice the chicken.
3. Put the veg and chicken into an oven proof dish, seasoning with paprika as you go.

4. Cover (with either a lid or foil), and put into a pre-heated oven (gas 7).
5. After 25mins, take it out and mix it up – you may want to add water if it’s looking a little dry.
6. Leave in the oven for a further 35mins.
7. Once the chicken is cooked through, take it out and portion it into plastic tubs. Depending on how big you want your portions and how big the chicken breasts are, this can make 4-6 servings.

8. Let it cool and freeze.

What I love about this recipe is that it’s really easy to do, the prep is simple and it’s good just to have with pasta and veg.

This recipe is free on Slimming World as it’s all free and superfree food, just remember that when you serve it, the veg from the chicken might not quite make up 1/3 of your plate so adding to it with something like broccoli/leeks/carrots that you can cook alongside your pasta is a good idea.

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