Why Glasses are becoming the Affordable Accessory

Affordable Glasses
Everyone glasses-wearer I know has the same thing to say – why is it that something that isn’t their fault has to cost them a fortune? Growing up, I always wanted the most expensive glasses in the opticians, not because of the price or a designer label but because back when I was a teenager (and I’m only 22), the only people who made decent glasses were designers. The alternatives were frankly, a bit shit.

But finally, that gaping black hole of a gap in the market for affordable on-trend eye-wear has been filled by the lovely lot over at Specspost. I’ve blogged before about brands who offer cheaper glasses and great deals but nobody can come close to Specspost on the price. We’re talking prices that start at around £10 for styles that anyone can wear. Don’t get me wrong, they do stock a lot of designer frames, as you would expect from any optician, but they cater for those of us who are on a budget. And they cater for us SO WELL.

Let me introduce my faves and then I’ll move onto the photos of some frames they sent me over to review.

Alfie Brown - £24

Eye Candy - £22

Ocean Dreams - £19.99

Caroline - £29.99

Now, look at those prices. That’s cheaper than getting a manicure for your work Christmas party. A pair of glasses will last you until your next eye test. A manicure will last you a week or so, tops. Just sayin’.

I’ve been lucky enough to be sent out a beaut pair of red frames from their new Colour Collection which are £18.99 (that includes normal lenses) – absolute bargain. I went with red out of all of the colours they have as my friend had red glasses (Hi Gabi!) that I loved and as she broke hers, I’m rolling with it. They’re the ‘geek’ style that everyone loves at the moment but this collection has a whole rainbow of choice to colour-match them to an outfit. Or completely clash them. Or wear them with black if you’re more into having a pop of colour. I LOVE. They’re quite big frames (and I have a big head) but they also do a petite version so there is something for everyone.

How cute is this case that Essilor UK sent me? It pretty much sums me up - reading, writing and fashion!

What do you think? Is it about time that you added to your glasses wardrobe?

*Please note that the glasses were provided by Specspost and the case by Essilor UK, but as always, opinions are entirely my own.

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