My Winter Skincare Faves

My winter skincare faves
I don’t often post about beauty as there are bloggers out there with a better knowledge of it than me with a bigger passion and a dedicated blog, but as winter is beginning to draw in (or so it feels in Leeds), I thought I’d write about what I’m changing to keep my skin glowing throughout the next few months.


When it comes to my face, this is a big thing for me all year round as I tend to get dry skin regardless of the weather. But as the amount of time I spend outdoors has increased significantly (from driving everywhere to walking 2-4 miles a day), I’ve noticed that my skin needs a bit of extra care. I use Astral Moisturiser which is pretty cheap and cheerful but it’s a moisturiser that has been used for 3 generations in my family. Because of this, Astral was my natural choice of first moisturiser before I even hit my teenage years and I’ve stuck with it ever since. It’s thick and creamy so great for normal-dry skin and it doubles up as a night cream too.

For all over moisturising, though Astral would work perfectly well for that, I have two body butters of choice. Naturally, The Body Shop Body Butter is up there as a staple moisturiser and I currently have it in Passionfruit. As with all of the butters from The Body Shop, it smoothes on, smells divine and is full of moisturising goodness. 

My second body butter fave is The Edinburgh Natural Skincare Company’s Whipped Body Butter, in ‘St Clements’. This is a citrus-y smelling butter that has zero water in it so it tends to be quite oily. As this means it takes a bit longer to sink in, I tend to put it on my feet and pop on a pair of socks as it leaves them lovely and soft a few hours later.


Again, I’ve split this into facial and all over products. The classic St Ives Apricot Scrub is my facial scrub of choice as it comes in different varieties to suit your skin type and is great on a budget. I’ve used this since I was about 12 or 13, and just a couple of uses a week keeps my face smooth.

For all over, I prefer Rituals Salt Scrub. I was sent this to try in the summer and I fell in love with the product, just not the price tag! For £16, it was a bit out of my price range but since then, I’ve picked it up twice for £8 a tub in TK Maxx which makes it a beauty bargain. I only need to use it once a week to keep my skin polished.

Make-up Removal:

Making sure I actually remove my make-up every single night is the improvement I make in winter! I’m normally quite lax at doing this but recently, I’ve gotten into better habits. I use the Essentials face-wipes from Boots (we all know the ones that are permanently on 3 for £3 or 3 for 2!) as they do the job.


This is important ALL YEAR ROUND. Sun safety is sexy, y’know? There’s nothing worse than assuming that colder temperatures make you immune to the sun’s rays because it’s just not the case. Using moisturiser or makeup with an SPF in it is VITAL. I wear a Rimmel BB Cream on a daily basis with SPF 25 as not only does it keep my skin more hydrated than a foundation but it protects it too.

This would usually be the point where a beauty blogger would continue with a list of cleansers, toners, the best michellar water (I don’t even know what that is) and every other lotion and potion out there but that’s it for me! My winter skin saviours come down to exfoliation, moisturising and protecting my skin from the sun.

What about you? What changes have you made?

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