Why falling off the bandwagon means one thing...

Falling off the bandwagon
It’s time to get back on it.

As regular readers/my nearest and dearest will know, I’ve had a weightloss theme running through my blog over the last 6 months or so. I started off with Slimming World, moved onto the Pure Loser course at my gym and now, I’m struggling. I’m not one for admitting weaknesses but if I don’t do this honestly, who am I kidding? Myself. And also, everyone who reads posts about weightloss and thinks that it’s easy because there are some impressive ‘before and after’ shots and the promise of never feeling hungry.

But if you’re interested, this is the difference 1.5st can make.

I’ve never been a dieter as such as I’ve never had high enough expectations of my self-control to even attempt anything like meal replacement shakes, cabbage soup or cutting out an entire food group. But I can do the healthy lifestyle thing and when I do it, I do it well. So why am I not doing it all the time? Here come the excuses...

My head hasn’t been in it for several weeks. Since moving to Leeds, I’ve stayed at the same weight. Every meal or night out has left me clutching onto the bandwagon with the hope of edging back on but being ill for a week? Yeah, that was me gone. Goodbye gym, hello junk food. It wasn’t great, I’m not going to lie. But after a week of shit food, I feel the difference. And this isn’t me getting over being ill, this is the result of a shitload of food that is rubbish.

There’s a reason why being healthy is expensive and being unhealthy is cheap. Cheap food can be likened to Primark shoes – you get what you pay for and though both will make you feel great for a while, one the sugar crashes hit or you start getting blisters, you regret it.

And now, I regret it.

So, less of the feeling sorry for myself, more about what I’m going to do about it!                 

In January, I posted my New Years’ Resolutions on my blog and having them up for the world to see has helped me work towards achieving them so I thought I’d post a few goals of my own:

Number One:
Get to the gym three times a week. A lot of people would think this is ambitious but living alone and being single frees up a lot of my time!

Number Two: 
Cut out hot chocolate. Having a heavily subsidised Costa over the road from my work is absolutely lethal (we’re talking £1 hot chocolate), and this is something I need to cut out. I can get my hot drink fix from tea and my caffeine fix from Coke Zero. Neither are good for me but both aren’t the equivalent to drinking sugar.

Number Three: 
Up my water intake. I was doing so well at this until recently! I want to drink my 2L a day, if not more as my skin is starting to suffer from dehydration. And ageing is something that worries me, a lot.

Number Four: 
Keep eating fruit. Despite the amount of junk I’ve eaten recently, I’ve still been hitting at least 4 if not 5 portions of fruit and veg every day – some Slimming World habits have stuck with me!

Number Five: 
Train harder. I know I’ve already mentioned going to the gym 3 times a week, but I want to improve, not maintain, both my strength and fitness. I want to be deadlifting 100kg before Christmas and if I manage it, I’ll be posting a video as proof!

So that’s what I’m planning. Let’s hope this gives me the kick up the arse to get back onto the bandwagon. And hopefully the next time I’m writing about this, it’ll be because I’ve done something exciting like bought new workout clothes or I’ve made it to a weightloss milestone!

Oh and a massive THANKYOU to @Tattooed_Mummy for giving me the motivation to post this, I needed that <3


  1. Aw thanks, and good luck! I'm hopeless at exercise, though luckily I don't have a sweet tooth. Keep blogging!

    1. Having a sweet tooth is my biggest downfall! But hopefully putting out there will get me back on track :) thank you again, I really appreciate it, I wouldn't have published it without you tweeting me :) xx