Oreo and Friends come to play!

Oreo and Friends
There’s nothing better than a Friday afternoon at the office with furry visitors! The Epiphany office turned into a bit of a zoo when Oreo and Friends came to see us this afternoon and I was so excited that I had to post some photos!

Oreo and Friends are a company who bring their animals to events for entertainment, education and even therapy. In our case, they came in as part of our monthly ‘Ministry of Fun’ event. And they were loved by everyone! Oreo is a raccoon and his friends who came to see us included a meerkat, a honey bear, a few snakes and scary looking spiders, geckos, armadillos and a fennec fox.

As it was such a great afternoon, I thought I’d share some of the photos I took, enjoy!

This is Oreo the raccoon

Timon the Meerkat

This is one of the crested geckos

I didn't want a cuddle with this guy!

One of the corn snakes

Valentino the Boa Constrictor

Banana the Burmese Python

So that's my Friday afternoon at work! If anyone from the Leeds area wanted to do something a bit different for a special occasion, I couldn't recommend these guys enough, they were absolutely brilliant with the both the kids who came in and us grown ups too. 

What do you think? Would you like snakes to come visit you or would you prefer to have a cuddle with Timon the meerkat?

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