The Fitness Bit

The Fitness Bit
In my last post I pretty much said I was going to get a grip as I’d fallen off the weightloss bandwagon and I thought I’d follow on from that with a more fitness-based post. I’m in no way an expert, so please don’t take this as advice, this is just a snapshot of what I do!

I usually get to the gym 2-4 times a week and I’m currently aiming to hit 3 sessions a week. Normally, that’s two classes like spin, zumba or ‘bootcamp’ and a Personal Training session. As you can probably tell, exercising without someone telling me exactly what to do is something I struggle with!

The aim of my workouts has stopped being to achieve ‘being skinny’, it’s all about being healthy. And for me, yes, that includes weightloss, but it’s also about improving my fitness and increasing my strength. So whilst I’m back on the weightloss bandwagon, my goals are all about what my body can achieve, as well as how it looks. #StrongNotSkinny and all that jazz. Onto the exercise-y stuff...

In September I joined the gym and started taking exercise a bit more seriously. Though I’d gone through phases of being relatively active, it was never a lifestyle, but I decided that a new city and new job was the perfect time to make changes. And now I’m two months in, I’m pretty set as if I was going to pack it in, I would have by now! The first thing I did was take my sister’s advice and book myself in for some Personal Training sessions to keep me motivated and I haven’t looked back.

Since starting training with my PT, I’ve learnt one hell of a lot about not just how to work out and use the equipment in the gym properly, but about pushing myself. If I trained by myself, I’d never hurt the next day. I’d take baby steps, backwards steps and never meet goals, just because I’d have no idea what to aim for. Having that direction is priceless and something that really works for me. If you know what you’re doing in a gym, that’s great, but I didn't even know what a kettlebell was before I joined Pure Gym.

Before I joined Pure, I’d only ever done cardio and the result of that was an OK-ish level of fitness but zero in terms of strength. Luckily, my gym offers a variety of cardio classes to attend on an evening and that leaves me with my PT session to work on improving my strength. And now I actually use dumbbells, kettlebells and weights from the scary looking weights bit of the gym. I’m not even too intimidated to go in the weights area as I’ve realised that the men in there aren’t in any way looking at the women, they’re looking at themselves in the mirror. Or checking their phones.

The main reason for this post is that today, my sister and I trained together for the first time in the gym, with my PT. So naturally, we took the opportunity to take some photos! Usually at this point, a blogger would post a series of artsy, in-focus images but... not a chance. Due to the unflattering nature of these images (gym face/clothes) and the frankly rubbish camera on my phone, I Instagrammed the shit out of them. Enjoy!

My lift - 67.5kg in this photo, complete with cheesy grin.

Charlotte doing a 77.5kg deadlift, with a serious face.

These were taken at the end of the session and by then fatigue had set in a bit so I was lifting 67.5kg, though in the session I managed 72.5kg. My aim is to deadlift 100kg by Christmas so I have a lot of hard work ahead of me!

What do you think? Have you changed your workout style recently or tried something completely new? Let me know in the comments.


  1. First of all congratulations on sticking with it for 2 months!

    As for training, yes, I've recently learned to workout at home while pushing myself. It's been an uphill battle but I'm managing through.

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    1. Hi Jessica, thank you so much for your comment, it means a lot :) Working out at home has become so much more accessible in the last few years, though I still think some of the aerobics videos I had as a teenager are absolute classics! Good luck :) xxx