What living alone has taught me.

Living Alone
As moving to Leeds has given me the chance, got the first time, to be a grown up and live alone, I thought I’d share the things that it’s taught me.

Planning meals is essential if I want to eat.
Especially learning that weekends still count as days and despite not being at work, I still will want to eat tea. Not sure why this was such an issue for me, maybe because I forgot to place my Sainsburys order and spent most of last Sunday with the munchies. I batch cook and freeze portions now and everything.

Living far away from a corner shop is a good thing.
When you weigh up a chocolate craving vs a 15 minute walk, I’d take the craving any day. It’s just not worth going out in the cold and dark for the sake of a bag of Malteasers which is good on both my health and my bank balance.

I can do what I want, when I want.
Not that I wasn’t ‘allowed’ to do this at home as my Mum is pretty chilled out, but I can hog the TV remote, burn candles of any scent whenever I fancy and have excessive amounts of toiletries in my bathroom, with nobody to argue with about it.

Sitting with my headphones in isn't anti social.
I love going into my own little world with my headphones in and I can listen to all my guilty pleasures without my neighbours judging me (yes, I listen to as many Busted and Spice Girls songs as you’d expect, just not out loud).

Reading a book, uninterrupted, is pure indulgence.
It’s really difficult to get into a book when you live with people as there is often background noise. But since moving out, I’ve been able to curl up on the sofa on a night and enter into a world which is entirely my own, much like my dreams. You’d never guess that I’m reading Harry Potter again...

My flat is all about me.
As a flatmate-less singleton, I can accessorise my flat however I fancy. This includes vintage floral bedding, a set of bright yellow pans to cook with, lime green throws on my sofa and the mustard yellow pot cat sitting on my windowsill that I inherited from my grandad. I also can’t coordinate my ‘theme’ for my flat and if I lived with someone who’s into feng shui, it might stress them out a tad.

Discos for one can happen at any time.
I usually have my own little discos (admit it, you all do it too) when nobody else is in and now I’m a single occupant, that’s ALWAYS. I say ‘usually’ as when I lived with my former flatmate, Catherine, I used to go into her room and have them in there. Just for the lols.

There’s nobody to mess up my DVD ordering system.
I’m not an alphabetiser, I go by certificate and if there are instalments of films, they’re grouped, likewise, grouping genres within the certificates. My mum didn’t get this. Mixing up the order of my Harry Potter/Step Up/Twilight DVDs made me stressed. Thinking about it now kinda makes me stressed too. It’s my thing, OK?

So that’s it, my little list of things that I love about living alone. What do you think? Could you live alone or do you prefer company? Let me know in the comments :-)

Also, this is my second list post... do we like lists? If you read my blog regularly and think lists are shit, let me know and I’ll stop writing them now before I get really into it. 

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