Sunday is Funday

Sunday Funday
Every time I write one of these posts it tends to imply (rightly) that I’ve gone out and spent too much money and today is no exception.

Today, along with one of my absolute favourite people ever, Jenna, I went and truly discovered what Leeds has to offer. And by that, I mean I went to Primark and then drank cocktails. It was GREAT.

Primark usually has the same effect on me as TK Maxx (I walk in, feel a bit ill, want to leave) but it could have been the earlier time that I got there but the rails were intact and it didn’t have that oh so lovely Eau De Nylon smell that it usually has. I picked up a couple of bargains in there and sensible me only bought what was truly needed: A new hoody, a new top and a new bag.

First up is the top which was reduced to £5 and is not nearly as cosy as it looks. It’s a really thin fabric but I think it’ll be a good one to layer throughout the winter months for work.

Next is the bag which was £8 and there is a matching purse available. I’ve been looking for a darker satchel as my trusty pastel blue one is really only appropriate for summer so I figured as my last Primark satchel has lasted me years, this can be my winter replacement.

And here is my new hoody. I know it’s not exciting but the only one I own is a University one and is bright green. So for £7, this grey one is a steal for winter and will do for work. Yes, my office is casual on a whole other level and I love it. 

I got really carried away taking photos of this and realised quickly that putting my hood up and pulling a duck face doesn't work for me.

Last up from Primark,One Direction pocket tissues. Because who wouldn’t want to blow their nose onto Harry Styles’ face? On another note, they have loads of branded stuff in for 1D/various TV shows at the moment so it’s a good chance to stock up for Christmas presents for the little people in your life.

And a few bits from Boots. As you can see, nothing that exciting but Rimmel is on 2 for £10 and after realising that Gimme Brow is the only brow product that doesn’t give me a full on Scouse brow, I had to re-invest. And you can’t go wrong with primer and BB cream.

So that’s all. Nothing particularly exciting but hey, I’ve never been a snazzy dresser.

Onto some general photos as quite frankly, I like to eat and drink things I can instagram the shit out of. Here are some photos of pretty cocktails, yummy food and my beautiful best friend, ENJOY.

TGI Friday

The Alchemist

The Botanist

Jenna! <3

So that's my Sunday, what have you been up to?

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