Four Year Throwback

4 year throwback
I can’t believe it’s been 4 years since I started university and over a year since I finished! As I’m going back over to Huddersfield tomorrow to see one of my faves (and take photos of her flat for a ‘here’s how to do up your student room’ kind of post), I thought I’d do a university throwback post.

It took me a while to decide how to write this as it’s been 4 years since I was a fresher and the whole ‘tips for freshers’ thing has been done a fair bit recently so I’m going with yet another list (nobody has complained yet so I’m rolling with these list posts) about the best things I learnt when I was at university. And I've thrown in some photos too, that jazzes things up a bit, doesn't it?

1. I learnt all about Fashion Communication and Promotion and even finished with a degree in it. Yeah, we all forgot that those 3 years had a (very expensive) point to them didn’t we?

2. I’m one of those people who can talk to anyone, I just didn’t know it until I got to Huddersfield. Once I didn’t have my nearest and dearest around me to laugh at my jokes when strangers didn’t (or take the piss and turn it into a joke, either way), I had to do it myself or I just wouldn’t meet people and make friends.

3. I quickly realised that when people asked me what I studied just to say ‘Fashion’ as ‘Fashion Communication and Promotion’ required an explanation. Getting chance to go the the Burberry Prorsum show at London Fashion Week was a twice in a lifetime opportunity though!

4. The North/South divide isn’t a problem until someone comes out with ‘but I’m from the Midlands’. Just pick a team and stick to it.

5. You can meet friends for life and luckily for me, I left Huddersfield with a group of people who still want to know me despite seeing me at my drunkest/most stressed/least attractive.

6. The best nights are the ones that escalate when you go out for a quiet few. Or the ones where you're well prepared.

7. You can justify a lot of what you do by saying ‘I’m a student’. This includes ordering 'cakeaway' (guilty), borrowing traffic cones to decorate your flat with (guilty), wearing your PJs at any time of the day (definitely guilty) and pulling all nighters to finish coursework (not guilty, hooray!).

8. Being homesick is nothing to be ashamed of as more people struggle than they let on.

9. Procrastinating is a skill and you honestly won’t be able to concentrate on your work unless your bedroom is 100% tidy, you’ve rung your mum for a catch up and you’ve been to the shop for snacks, honestly.

10. Being at university was great but how I’m living in the real world is way better. After all, living in a new flat, in a new city, doing something completely new is essentially what I did at university, but now I get paid for it. Winner!

What were your university best bits? Let me know in the comments :)

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