A Home Away From Home

Home away from home
As I moved into my own place pretty recently, I’ve really been taking note of interiors posts and trying to pick up some tips, but I truly believe that university halls are a massive challenge. You may think of it as a blank canvas but being in a room which is the exact same as every other in your flat is tricky. After all, if you’re in student halls, you often have a limited amount of communal space and your room isn’t just for sleeping in.

When I was at university, every person who came into my room commented on how I’d made it ‘me’. It was covered in posters, photos, bits and pieces and a lot of bright colours. I think trying to put your stamp on it whilst knowing that it’s all stuff you’ll have to move in a year’s time is pretty tricky so when I went over to my friend Catherine’s new flat in Huddersfield, I asked her if I could take a few photos of what she’s done.

Our tastes in general are pretty similar – we like quirky bits and pieces – but she’s had an obsession with owls since before they hit the interiors mainstream. She’s been picking up bits and pieces from places like Next, B&M, Home Bargains and the like for a while, adding to her collection and now you can just tell it’s her room when you walk in.

Take a look around her room, and let me know what you think!

Most student flats have a pinboard and Catherine has used her to put up photos and hanging signs which I love. Apart from she only has one photo of me on there... Offended much?!

I love that Catherine has used her shelving to enhance her room rather than putting boring stuff on it like I did!

See what I mean about the owl obsession?

I love these mugs - my Mum has them too! Cute mugs make excellent storage for stationary for people like Catherine and I who don't drink hot drinks.

More shelving, this time with her important uni folders. I'm a big stationary fan (yes, I was that person who loved W H Smith as a child) and having brightly coloured folders makes storing them look better.

Scatter cushions are my new favourite thing and the 'Love' and 'Home' ones are really cute. She's also a Disney geek, hence Olaf and a Dwarf! 

So that's my round-up of Catherine's new place. Let me know what you think in the comments! Apologies for the lack of links to where everything is from, I don't actually know!


  1. I love her room! I love that she's embraced so many facets of her personalty--her love of Disney & owls, etc. I can definitely derive inspiration from your picts.


    1. I really like it too! It's lovely when a uni room actually reflects the person living there rather than looking somewhere that will be temporary :) xxx