17 Things I've learnt about losing weight

Losing Weight
As a lot of my nearest, dearest and regular readers know, I’m on a weightloss mission at the moment. We’re not talking faddy diets, it’s all about lifestyle changes for the better so I thought I’d share what I’ve learnt so far. Sorry for the lack of photos in this post, I didn't want to fill it with photos of abs and food porn.

1. Support is everything. It makes all the difference when your friends are happy to come over for dinner and eat something healthy compared to demanding a takeaway night in. I’m lucky that my friends and family have all been supportive of my efforts as it’s never felt like a battle against the dreaded ‘but one won’t hurt’ assumption.

2. But not everyone will be pleased for you. Especially people who want to lose weight themselves can feel threatened by it and are more likely to make you feel bad about it. They’re also the ones who are likely to tempt you or expect you to binge on social occasions.

3. Fitting into something that has never fitted or has always been on the wrong side of snug for the first time is BRILLIANT. Best feeling ever. Mine was a mint green, Primark shift dress that was such a squeeze that I’d never worn it out before and now it fits!

4. Some people have never struggled with their weight before so don’t always ‘get it’. It’s a tough one to explain but it’s the support that’s more important than the understanding here.

5. On the flipside, just because someone isn’t plus size, doesn’t mean they don’t struggle with their weight. You never know where someone is on their journey whether it’s trying to stop weight creeping back on, maintaining a goal or being half a pound away from their target weight. So never assume that because someone looks slim that they ‘shouldn’t’ be trying to lose weight.

6. 1 ½ stone is when people began to notice on me. It wasn’t drastic but people commented that I looked ‘well’ for it.

7. People feel awkward about asking if you’ve lost weight, as it could imply that they think you need to.

8. Nobody cares what you eat, its nutritional value or how many calories it has. The only time someone wants to know, is if it tastes good and they want the recipe.

9. Nobody cares about the ins and outs of your workouts apart from you and your gym instructor either. Don’t bore people, unless they ask, as most people don’t care how much you lift or about your squatting technique.

10. A personal trainer is an investment, even if it’s only a couple of sessions. Weightloss is aided by exercise and knowledge is what you need if you’re a gym newbie like me. Getting the right PT is also important – I’m lucky that when I enquired, I was immediately asked my goals and I was recommended someone who knew about weightloss. And now 3 sessions in, I’m learning new things every week, being pushed further than I could by myself and I’m seeing results.

11. However, you don’t need to join a gym to lose weight. I lost 1 ½ stone on Slimming World through diet, community zumba classes and jogging.  

12. Diet programmes that promote healthy eating do work. Especially as programmes come with meetings and meetings provide motivation, recipe ideas and support.

13. Bad days happen but learning to draw a line under it instead of beating yourself up about it is so important. That line can be drawn at any time too – having a chocolate biscuit at 10am doesn’t mean you’ve ruined it for the day and it’s a downward spiral until bedtime, it’s means you’ve eaten one thing and can still spend the rest of the day being good.

14. Replacing too big clothes is expensive but SO FUN. Jeans are my staple so I’ve been wearing my tops a bit looser and just replacing my jeans as they get baggy.

15. The feeling of reaching a goal is priceless. Kate Moss once said ‘Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels’ which I 100% disagree with (she’s clearly never had proper hangover food, nothing compares to how good proper hangover food feels, but I digress), though every pound lost comes as a mini victory.

16. Slowly but surely wins the race. Losing weight slowly because of a lifestyle change is easier than maintaining the weightloss from a fad diet.

17. Anyone can do it, it’s never too late.

I’m about to start a 6 week weightloss programme at my gym so I’ll be keeping my blog updated with my progress (review style, not listing what I eat style), if I try any new recipes (lol, that’s unlikely) and my end result.

If you have a weightloss story or you’ve blogged about it, please let me know in the comments, I’m really interested in hearing how other people have done it!


  1. I love this. Especially No. 15!! Well done for doing this to be healthy, rather than just to look smokin' (which I bet you do!). I shall take inspiration from this ��

    1. Thanks Em :) Healthy is what all the cool kids are doing now! xx