Through the Keyhole... Blogger Style

Through the keyhole
I *finally* have my own place! I’m in Leeds, in my own little pad, my little first home as a grown up, all by myself.

And touch wood, I haven’t been crippled with home sickness as I did when I first went off to university. It could be that I’ve been too busy, it could be that I’m somewhere which feels like home or it could be because I’m grown up now (grown up enough to deal with spiders and everything). But so far, one afternoon in, I’m happy days.

So, this is a bit of a ‘Where I blog from, check out my interior design failings’ kinda post. I realised today that when I put all my stuff together that NOTHING matches. But I like it that way!

And here are the photos which I know my family in particular have been waiting for! 

My Bedroom

It's so important to my that my bedroom is personal as it's my space. I know it's all my space when I live alone but it's where I sleep and I want it to be cosy.

My 'Kitchen'

This is my kitchen wall. It's not as exciting at my room but it's still got a few 'me' bits. I injected some colour with a cheap red kettle and a lime green washing up bowl.

My Living Space

As you can see, I'm a candle fan! I've got a few geeky bits from Etsy that I've blogged about before and of course my silver tea light holders which came from my lovely work friends as part of my leaving gifts. Scatter cusions are also my new thing. I love them.

So, that's me, my place and where I blog from. What do you think? 


  1. Love your new place, it's so cute!!!

  2. ooh looks beautiful, my friends have just moved into a new apartment in Leeds too and are working on making it homely! love the red/green theme in the living area and kitchen x

    // The Dress Diaries

    1. Thank you, I'm so pleased that it feels like home, I was so worried that it wouldn't! I hope your friends are getting all settled, it's such a fantastic city to live in :) xx