And I'm back. Again.

Life Update
Apologies, apologies, apologies. I’ve been shit, there’s no other way of putting it. All my good intentions went out the window when I moved house and I lost the virus protection on my laptop (I can’t have it getting poorly!) but now, it’s all change and I’ve dusted it off, ready to get my blog back on track.

Update posts tend to be occurring on a regular basis for me as my dedication and need to blog seems to have been on holiday all summer but now, as things are starting to fall into place, I’m on it.

So, big life changes!

I haven’t blogged since the 12th of July (eek!) and since then, big things have happened.

I completed one of my New Year’s Resolutions when I completed the York 10K on the 3rd of August. I did it in 1hr32 and I’m pretty chuffed with that as God knows I’m not a natural runner. It was possibly the hardest thing I’ve ever done and that includes my degree. My sister stuck with me all the way round, we were cheered on at every step of the way by the crowds and volunteers and we even made it into the York Press! We ran for the MS Society and raised nearly £400!

Next up, I’ve left the lovely lot behind at Event Prop Hire to start my new adventure at Epiphany. I absolutely loved working with that crazy team and as I’m writing, I can see our beautiful street lights on Tumble (LE12, yes, I can remember the prop code). My last couple of days consisted of a lot of food, rounding up my credit control duties and some absolutely beautiful presents.

And last of all, I’m writing this post from MY NEW FLAT IN LEEDS. Yes, I’ve left Mummy Legge behind after my year back at home and I’m a fully fledged adult. Of course, I’ll be leaving everyone in suspense before I upload photos as I want to do a full blog post about it. I’d do one tonight but my new tea towels are SO CUTE but in the wash and are a must feature – yes, these are an important part of my new living arrangements.

Oh and I’ve joined a gym. More on that to come.

So, that’s your update and now I’ll get back to writing posts about my new love for scatter cushions, my weightloss journey continued and what I’m wearing.


  1. Congrats on well, everything!
    Massive well done on your 10k. A brilliant time! You'll get the bug now and I'm sure you'll set yourself a new goal. :)
    Look forward to seeing pics of your new place.


    1. Thank you so much! I'm really hoping I'll get the running bug back again, I'm actually considering doing it again next year just to better my time, something I never thought I'd ever do! Hope you're well xx