Vêtements de travail.

La Redoute
See what I did there? French brand, French title. I knew that GCSE would come in useful one day.

But anyway...

I really struggle to find clothes that feel like ‘work clothes’ as my office is pretty casual and if I’m honest I don’t make as much effort as I should. But I really love this navy La Redoute top as it's perfect with a statement necklace and a pair of grey trousers. Yes, I know, it’s not the most exciting of outfits that you’d expect to see on a fashion blog but it’s one of those wearable things - the kind of outfits everyone wears.

Take a look at their new in clothing, there are so many gems on there.

The fabric is a super-soft thin jersey and the capped sleeves keep your shoulders. If I had white linen trousers, I’d wear it with those but I unfortunately don’t (I’m just not clean and tidy enough for white anything). I’d advise anyone to size up as it could be clingy – this top is an 18-20 and I’m a 16-18 and it’s a good fit for me. 

There is a peephole at the back too with glittery buttons which is a lovely detail.

It’s just unfortunate that my mum has taken a liking to it and I haven’t seen it since I took the photos! And I also had a 'does my hair really look like from the back?!' moment.

Moving onto the watch, it’s really perfect for me as I love this style. The watch comes with another link too so it can be adjusted easily. If you don't like the diamante bling, there's another ring included which is plain white like the links. Personally, I love the bling!

What do you think of my workwear look? Do you look more on trend or do you keep to classic shapes?

Please note that it was the lovelies at La Redoute who sent me these items for review purposes and they sent me it in a pretty cotton tote bag too - I'm a very lucky blogger :)


  1. Well I think you look lovely & make sure you get the top back from your Mum, cheeky Monkey x

    1. I haven't seen it since I took the photos, she's nicked it!! x

  2. That top is absolutely lovely :) xxx

  3. Thanks Nikki :) I really love the colour! xxx