A spotlight on Etsy

Etsy I love Etsy. It appeals to my love of people asking 'where did you get that?' because guaranteed you can find things that your friends won't have seen before. 

Etsy is pretty much the site where you can buy all the cool stuff that you pin on Pinterest. The quirky little things that nobody else has and it's usually a one off.

Also, you're shopping from small businesses. Which is supporting them and the economy. Which means shopping is good. Everyone's a winner.

It's one of those 'something for everything whatever your budget' kind of places. I've bought custom made silver rings for less than £20 before (including P+P!), candles in science beakers and a keyring that says 'Accio Keys' (I never said I was cool, OK?).

As it's one of my faves that I spend a lot of time browsing, I've put together a little wishlist of the kind of stuff you can find on there.

You can probably tell a lot about me by looking at my lipstick! I love a good fairytale, happy ever after and some daily inspiration. I love this kind of thing, it's all a hint of what I like without shouting 'OMG I love Harry Potter/Disney/Fashion/Hipster Vintage (delete as appropriate)'. Get what I mean?

What do you love on Etsy? Have you shopped on there before or would you like to? 


  1. I LOVE that Peter Pan quote bracelet. So cute!
    And for that matter - the "Up" house necklace too.
    Disney inspired jewellery is the best!

    1. I love Disney quotes because they don't scream 'adult wearing kids products', they're subtle but it makes you love people who recognise them :)