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McBusted Leeds 2014
Mcfly + Busted – Charlie Simpson = McBusted

It’s pretty much the best band reunion since ever. And yes, by that, I mean it’s better than when Take That got back together. That could be a generational thing but hey, what’s more loveable than the McFly boys being joined by two thirds of Busted on stage to sing all the hits we grew up with?

As gigs go, it was up there with being one the best I’ve ever seen. Yes, this topped both Beyonce and Bruno Mars for me. It was the nostalgia of feeling like I was 12 again and it being socially acceptable to scream song lyrics about Miss Mackenzie.

My gig buddy Sophie and I :)

I didn’t know what to expect having only seen a couple of YouTube videos of McBusted together – I was expecting it to be very much McFly and Busted but you can tell they all gel together as a band and it makes the performances so much better. That and a boyband playing their own instruments live on stage for a full night makes a change nowadays!

They played all their hits, chatted with the audience, took the time to look at the posters that fans had made, used a tshirt gun to shoot some merchandise into the audience and generally, had a really good time.

What really surprised me was that three bands supported McBusted and they were actually really good. I’ve seen support acts seem to get completely ignored by the crowd before but these bands had genuine talent. And they were advertising their free downloads (nothing better than a freebie to get people paying attention). E of E, Young Brando and The 3 Dudes really warmed up the already pretty giddy crowd before the main act came on and I came away feeling like I’d discovered music that I’d genuinely listen to again. Which was happy days!

E of E

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Young Brando

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The 3 Dudes

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So all in all, another good gig that I’d happily pay to see again and now I’m hoping for a McBusted album!

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