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Katy Perry Prismatic World Tour
So last night, I saw the fantastic Katy Perry's Prismatic World Tour at the Phones4U Arena in Manchester. And just, wow.

To get the crowd warmed up, Swedish duo Icona Pop took to the stage and had the standing crowd jumping. Their biggest hit ‘I Love It’ finished their set and it was the song everyone had been waiting to hear. They tried to get the crowd to make out, they wore futuristic outfits and swung their hair around a lot, what’s more to love?

And then Katy took to the stage. It was such a production. She came on stage in a light up dress, flew over the audience, sung an acoustic set and even got a lucky fan up on stage on her birthday. It was amazing.

My favourite song had to be California Gurls as it came out a month after my 18th birthday and it reminds me of all the nights out I went on that summer when it was a massive hit. Seeing her biggest songs performed live was a surreal experience as she’s such a famous artist. Much like when I saw Beyonce, she’s someone I never thought I’d have the opportunity to see, so to have a front row seat of the balcony and see her perform her old songs and her new stuff too, it was just incredible.

The concert had a really good balance as new album tracks were mixed in with her most successful singles, the songs were grouped into genres with different stage set ups and there was an acoustic set which included ‘The One that Got Away’.

A lot of her songs are pretty relatable. Having a world famous, absolutely stunning woman on a stage saying to an audience ‘we all go through crap, we all know how much things can suck’ is refreshing – it makes her seem real. Some stars are put on a pedestal as having the ideal life or the true celebrity lifestyle whereas Katy chilled in Manchester the day before the gig and went to see Godzilla. Likeable and possibly the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.

Oh and the standard 'gig selfie'. Faye, Sophie and I :)

Have you seen Katy Perry's new tour? What did you think?

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