Fashion City York, Vintage Style

Fashion City York
As part of the Fashion City York weekend, I paid a visit to a vintage fair courtesy of York Does Vintage. Along with a whole host of vintage stalls there was live music, a tea room and a beauty bar.

What I love about vintage fairs is having the chance to browse and find something unique or a little bit different. I’ll admit that as clothing goes, vintage isn’t my thing but I love picking up one off accessories so I always like to pay a visit as often jewellery is cheaper than it is on the highstreet and is more my style.

On a side note, you know when you try and watch a film at the same time as blogging? Watching Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince as Dumbledore dies whilst you’re trying to type just doesn’t work. As I’ve just found.

But I digress. I went to the vintage fair, took a few photos and I’d like to share!

Two Penny Lane

Blue Rose Vintage Clothing

Faye Robertson and Starla Thomas, Hair and Make-Up, Vintage Beauty Bar

Floral Hair Garland by Fleur Adamo

Now for my little purchase from Two Penny Lane!

I love this pretty Alice in Wonderland pendant, and I love that it comes in a brown paper package, tied up with string too! Everything about this purchase has a hint of romance and fairytales which is why I absolutely love it. For £6, I think it's a steal especially when it's such an intricate piece. 

What do you think of the York Does Vintage fair? Have you been to a Britain Does Vintage event before?

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