Rituals Review

Rituals Review
I was lucky enough to meet Amelia from Rituals when I attended the Fashion City York Networking Event a few weeks ago and since then, she got in touch and asked if I’d like to review some of their products – and of course I said yes!

I’ve been in the Rituals shop in York before but never purchased from the brand – something which is now going to change as I’ve fallen in love with their products already. I popped in to pick up my treats and it’s like walking into a spa. I just felt relaxed and chilled which makes it so much easier to browse properly as I actually took the time to properly look at the product ranges. It’s just a shop that it’s nice to be in, you know?

And if anyone is shopping in/around York, if you quote my name or blog when you make a purchase in the York (Coney Street) store then you can get 20% off!

As a brand, Rituals is based on providing every day luxuries and indulgences and introducing them into your routine. What makes Rituals different is that it covers all bases – they even sell washing up liquid online! Most luxury brands want to offer a ‘lifestyle’ but Rituals offers it at every step and in beautiful packaging – the sort that enhances your bathroom’s style rather than heavily branded products which scream ‘look how expensive I am’. Basically, the stuff looks pretty and I like that, it makes me happy.

Another thing that’s great about the brand is they use renewable, natural and organic ingredients so nothing has that ‘chemical’ smell. Having a lot of respect for nature is a really important quality for brands nowadays as there is so much awareness regarding the conservation of our planet so this is a big tick for me.

But anyway, onto the review!

I tried the Ayurveda Rituals range which included shower foam, shower paste, body cream and body scrub. Ayurveda is a 5000 year old Indian philosophy which is all about cleansing and nurturing the body and the range focuses on the scents of Indian Rose and Sweet Almond Oil.

First up, I tried the body cream (RRP £17) – the cream is really thick and absorbs really quickly which is perfect for me as I keep it on my desk at work. It smells very delicate and isn’t over-powering and after applying it a couple of times a day, I could already feel a difference in how smooth my skin is. It does take a few applications before it begins to work its magic on dryer areas (I also used it on my elbows) as it sinks in so fast that it feels like you need to re-apply. But I like this as it’s easy to build up – there’s nothing worse than putting on too much of a product and ending up really greasy!

Then I tried the shower foam (RRP £8.50) which I love as you only need a little bit so it’s going to last for ages. I’ve never really used a shower foam before as I’ve always gone for shower gel but I think I could be converted! It lathers into a foam from very little of the product and it’s got a light delicate scent. I find with some shower products that they can leave a bit of residue behind but this doesn’t. Another tick from me!

I love a good salt scrub (RP £19.50) and this one didn’t disappoint – it smelt lovely and as you’d imagine, it was a fantastic exfoliator. I was really pleased with the effect as my skin never feels as silky smooth as advertising promises and this is the first scrub I’ve used which has had a significant effect on the smoothness of my skin.

I followed the scrub with the shower paste (not sold separately online) which was another new product for me as I’ve never seen anything like it before. I was surprised that merely smoothing something on my skin and washing it off would have such an effect as the combination of the salt scrub and the paste really left my skin soft and smooth. It’s something that would definitely be a repeat purchase for me!

So that’s the end of my Rituals review, what do you think? Would you be tempted to make a purchase?

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