I'm feeling 22... oo-oooo!

22nd Birthday
Yes, it’s now acceptable for me to channel my inner Taylor Swift and pull Harry Styles spend a year singing 22 because it was my birthday last weekend!

Apologies for being a bit off the blogging radar for a week or so, I usually schedule my posts in on a weekend and celebrations took over. But, I’m going to do something a bit different as though I love reading present hauls, I feel too showy-offy writing one myself!

So I’ll sum up my birthday in photos...

Special Treatment at The Biltmore

Milk Bottle Cocktail for One

Desert at The Biltmore - Ultimate Food Porn

Catching up with my girlies in Durham for Catherine's birthday 

Learning how to pull a pint on my birthday night out!

Being a birthday princess for the day at work

What do you think of my birthday celebrations? Fancy a milk bottle cocktail?

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