GlossyBox... Yes I forgot to cancel my subscription.

I was honestly only going to get the one but I forgot to cancel my subscription and realised when I got the ‘your box in on it’s way!’ email. Damn it.

However, it was a pretty decent box this month (compared to the also pretty decent box from last month and the most likely pretty decent box I’ll get next month as I won’t get round to cancelling).

I’d say what I thought at first glance but first glance went to my friend Sophie who was in the car with me when I picked it up from the sorting office and was too excited and opened it for me when I was driving. So at second glance, I must admit I was a bit... meh. And then I got home, looked in more detail at the products and realised I was wrong!

Also, the box is £10 and the products I got are worth over £40.

Here’s the photo/links/general chit chat about the products.

TRESemm√©: Instant Refresh Cleansing Dry Shampoo, RRP £4.99
I don't get 'dry shampoo'. I like wet shampoo that you use in the shower that makes your hair clean. So this is being donated to my friend so it doesn't just sit in my cupboard!

(Sample) Unica Cosmetics: Radiance Plus, RRP £12.99 for 50ml
I'm looking forward to trying this as I'm very paranoid about ageing prematurely and this is apparently good for fine lines and wrinkles - and it's a GlossyBox exclusive.

Me Me Me Cosmetics: Beat the blues in Pearl Pink, RRP £5.50
I originally thought this was a nail varnish so I was really pleased when I realised it's actually a highlighter that's similar to Benefit's 'High Beam' which I've had my eye on for a while. I've already used it and it's essentially a liquid highlighter - something my make up bag was missing.

MONU Spa: Warming Ginger Massage and Body Oil, RRP £25 for 100ml
This is a smaller version of the full size product and it goes in your bath and leaves your skin soft and smooth - apparently. I'm not a bath person but it also works like a cleansing oil so I'm eager to give it a go.

EMITE MAKE UP: Lip Brush - L312, RRP £17
Yes, I'm a poor excuse for a blogger given this is the first lip brush I've ever owned but having used it to apply a MAC lipstick, my first attempt has converted me - lipstick lasts so much longer when applied with a brush. I'm sure any bloggers reading this are thinking 'who even is she, she knows nothing' but I'm coming to appreciate that quality makeup is nothing without quality brushes.

What do you think of this month's GlossyBox? Any personal favourites? I'm getting a Birchbox next month as well so I can't wait to compare!

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