Etsy Haul

Etsy Haul
I’ve mentioned a few times on my blog that I’m a big supporter or new/small/local businesses which is why I love shopping on Etsy. I’ve always found that you can pick up quirky bits that you’d never get on the highstreet and you know that it’s coming from a smaller seller which tends to mean that it has a personal touch. I decided to treat myself to a couple of rings and some candles from Etsy after landing my new job.

I’d had my eye on the Infinity ring from Tiffany & Co for several months but the pricey £130 price tag for a sterling silver ring wasn’t something I could quite justify (trust me, I tried). So a quick search on Etsy and I came across Alex’s Dream Factory. Alex makes all her jewellery to order which is brilliant for me as I have chubby fingers and struggle to find affordable sterling silver rings. I picked up an Infinity ring and a Wishbone ring which cost me around £30 in total (including P+P) which I thought was an absolute steal!

It’s always a bit risky buying rings to measure online but there’s a really good sizing guide on her Etsy site which helped me choose the sizes for my rings and when they arrived they both fitted perfectly. And they arrived beautifully packaged too which makes it feel like a present!

I also love that her profile really gives her business a touch of personality – it’s great to know that the person you’re buying from is ‘real’ rather than just another business. 

The rest of my Etsy haul comes from Hippieland. I’ve really gotten into candles recently, I blame my best friend’s candle addiction for this one! But as I’m a closet nerd, I had a quick search on Etsy for something a bit different and I wasn’t disappointed. I picked up two ‘beaker’ candles which look like they’ve come straight from a science lab and a Harry Potter themed candle tin. 

Though Hippieland sell products inspired by a few films, I love the Harry Potter candles – Butterbeer, Goblin’s Piss and Felix Felicis are all types of candle tins, around the £6 mark. There's scope for personalising products too - I chose which patronus I wanted (the Doe was Severus Snape's patronus as well as Lily Potter's... Always).

What do you think of my Etsy buys? Has anything caught your eye from Alex’s Dream Factory or Hippieland?


  1. Hi Lizi :)
    I'm really glad you liked your rings, in fact nothing makes me happier than hearing happy stories!
    Thank you for a feature, I feel really honoured :D

    1. Hi Alex,

      I absolutely love them, so pleased I didn't spend a load of money when I got such a bargain with you! xxx