Easter Gift Swap
As you’re reading this, it’s Easter Monday, as I’m writing this, it’s Easter Sunday and I feel ridiculously sick. You’d have thought by the age of 22 I’d know how I feel after eating chocolate for breakfast but apparently I never learn – this feels worse than the average hangover.

But anyway, Easter Gift Swap.

The lovely Lauren over at Belle Du Brighton arranged this fantastic present giving idea for bloggers to get involved with. Those of us who took part were given a set budget and then emailed the details of a blogger to buy an Easter present for. We were linked to their blog and Twitter so we could have a stalk and see what they liked and off we went to the shops to pick up some treat.

My present came from Sheri and everything she chose was so ‘me’. Her link is www.flowersandfreckles.com :)

First up, false nails. I haven’t worn these for a while as I know they can really damage my nails but I tried them yesterday and they look SO COOL. And they’re really easy to get off – they’re a bit like shellac as if you soak them for long enough they dissolve, it’s when you start peeling them off that it takes off the top layer of your nail. Though they’re not the kind of thing I’d wear day to day as I spend a lot of time typing at work, I’ll definitely be wearing them on nights out as they’re so easy to put on and they stay put too!

My second present was an eye-shadow palette which I love as I often wear shade of blue on my eyes so these will be perfect for blending. I haven’t had chance to try these yet but they look very richly pigmented and I’ve heard good things about the quality of Primark’s beauty range.

Next was a flower crown which I absolutely love. I’ve wanted one of these for ages and as my hair currently goes into a natural beachy/wavy/tousled kind of look, it feels so summery to have flowers in my hair. It’s been a while since I’ve worn hair accessories but now I’m determined to get some hair bands/flowers to put in my hair this summer.

I also got a necklace and earrings set in my gift and Sheri picked out a lucky horse shoe style which is just the kind of thing I’d wear on a day to day basis. My jewellery choices are either big and bold or little and cute, nothing in between and this set is something I’d definitely wear with a pretty top and I’d probably layer it with other necklaces.

All of my presents were in a makeup bag which I’ll definitely be putting to good use as it’s a good size (ie, it’s big!) and it’s light and has a clear bit at the top which I particularly like. An Easter present isn’t complete without chocolate too and Sheri put in some Malteaster bunnies (they lasted about 5 minutes between me and my mum!) for me too.

So, a big thank you to Lauren for arranging the Easter Gift Swap and to Sheri for my gift! I’m not going to spoilt the surprise for the person who I’ve sent a present to but I really hope they enjoy it!


  1. Awww Sherri chose so well! So glad you loved what you got! Happy Easter :)

    1. She really did, it was all so me! Hope you've had a good Easter :)