Second Haul in a month?!

Haul post
I get the feeling that doing 2 haul posts in a month means that there’s a slight, sneaky, teensy weensy, little chance that I’m spending too much money? Just a thought.

In my last post, I talked about how Fashion City York is working to change the perception of fashion in York and I totally appreciate how important it is to support the local economy. And by that, I mean, how important it is that I shop regularly. Because, let’s face it, it’s keeping people in jobs on the highstreet right? Or am I just trying to justify my spends? Answers on a postcard.

Onto the haul.

I went to Boots. Most people I shop with refuse to go to Boots with me because I spend too much time wandering around the makeup counters and I appreciate that for someone who’s not into makeup that that’s boring. But thankfully, I was accompanied by a couple of my university friends and they didn’t mind me wandering off to treat myself with my Boots points. Here’s what I got:

First up: Seventeen Nail Polishes. I saw Gemma tweeting about how amazing the new gel polishes are so I’ve picked up two to try and a new top coat (3 for 2, what’s not to love). The grey is called Long Island and the blue is Azure Amour.

Then came the essentials – Apricot scrub (best exfoliator ever) and cheap makeup remover wipes.

A new eyelash curler... I didn’t even think to get recommendations off Twitter, I just forgot (which is most unlike me!) but £6, trusted brand, they have to be better than my current curlers.

And an indulgence that I’ve been desperate for: The new ‘Full Exposure’ Smashbox palette. I’ve been desperate for  an eyeshadow palette but I’m unwilling to spend in excess of £30 on one that has shades I won’t use. It was between this one and the NARSissist palette and at £36, Smashbox beats NARS on the price by a long shot.

Next up, The Fragrance Shop. I usually buy all of my perfumes from Boots as hey, everyone loves Boots points but I was desperate for the limited edition Daisy Delight by Marc Jacobs summer fragrance and with O2 Priority offering me 20% off, I had to go for price over rewards! Unfortunately, they didn’t have the free umbrella gift in stock – I didn’t buy it for the umbrella, obvs, it’s just unfortunate that it started raining not long after I left the shop.

And finally, shoes. I don’t usually get shoes from New Look but both pairs were a steal – the blue ones were in the sale at £8 and the others were about £13 full price. I know they won’t last me forever but I need new work shoes for my NEW JOB (more on that at the end of the month, I have a round up post planned) and work = inside. So no need for all-weather shoes! And I have a thing about pointy ballet pumps at the moment.

What do you think about my latest haul? I’ll be doing another Etsy haul soon once my goodies arrive! Supporting small businesses, right there.

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